Saturday, 29 March 2014

Welcome to my blog - give me time, I'm new

Hi there, my name is Jenny and thanks for accidentally stumbling across my blog! This is my first serious attempt at blogging about my passions, namely knitting, crocheting, general crafting, and if you don't mind perhaps the odd book review here or there.

It feels only appropriate to use my first blog post as a chance to tell you just why I have now decided to start this blog. I have been an enthusiastic knitter now for just over 2 years ever since my friend M taught me how to do so during my year studying in America. I love knitting - no other way to describe it. Since then I have taught myself to crochet and honed my passion for sewing pretty things too, but nothing quite matches up to my love of knitting (but I'd best save my pasionate speil for another post).

For a long time now I've dreamt of knitting for a profession, but that dream only really took a serious step last weekend when I went to sell my hand knitted hats and headbands and some sewn bunting at a table top sale in High Lane, Stockport. I don't mind admitting...I didn't sell anything! But considering this was my first EVER go, considering it was a fair full of tat/bric-a-brac (so no one was really willing to spend £10 on a knitted hat), and considering I loved every second I was there I was not put off at all. In fact I packed up my stall thinking I can't wait to try this again and actually sell something. Taking that step, albeit perhaps an 'unsuccesful' one, has give me a drive I haven't felt since I was working up to the deadline of my dissertation last May, only this drive wasn't stressful, but enjoyable, and I just know that this is what I want to do.  It helped too that the lady on the stall next to me took my email address to (hopefully) invite me to a craft fair in Bollington later this year, and stranger after stranger admired my work and told me so.

And so with that I put together a plan, and this is my first step - create a blog, post on said blog, get a presence, get networking, start earning! And basically give more of a structure and a drive to my hobby that I can build into whatever I can. Needless to say I won't be a success over night, and this is going to be a long road to merely even take off, let alone earn a reasonable amount, but my excitement far outweighs my trepidation and I simply can't wait to get stuck in and see where I can go!


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