Friday, 4 April 2014

game of thrones addict?

So while I was living in Naperville, Illinois, for 9 months of study in an American university, I took it upon myself to investigate the hype that was, and remains, A Song of Ice and Fire - or as most everyone refers to it now, Game of Thrones. 
I read the first two books while I was abroad, and then the next 4 books/parts when I returned home - but I must ashamedly admit that I was underwhelmed by the books and also by the series (of which I watched only the first) and so did not bring myself to read the last published book. For almost two years then I wondered what I was missing and feared that the hype had left the story unable to live up to any expectation...

Not so much now! I started reading the series again about a month or so ago and I cannot get enough - I am addicted! You know when a book is so good that you forget you are reading and you think you are watching it instead? The imagery so vivid and the story so compelling that you want to eat and breathe it? That's where I am right now - I have just started reading A Feast for Crows (4th book) and I have almost finished watching series 2 of the HBO series and I am totally immersed in Westeros again and I cannot even begin to believe there was a point where I wasn't that keen on George Martin's creation ( I only hope I'm not too far behind when series 4 begins on 7th April - only series 3 to go for me!)

Truth be told I just really wanted to get out there how much I have fallen in love with this complex and brilliantly crafted story, and all the layers that are there but unspoken, the theories and the characters ... I digress - I would also like to share this blog post from the love knitting blog which in fairness gave me the excuse to just rant and rave about how amazing Game of Thrones is. They have collected the 'best Game of Thrones knitting patterns' the web has to offer. I have a feeling they have only unearthed the tip of the ice berg, but I am particularly eager to try these crochet dragons or perhaps even the lady catelyn cardigan if I want to take on a slightly larger project than I'm used to.

As soon as I crochet a dragon you will be the first to know (well, second in all honesty, my best friends who love Game of Thrones and knitting/crochet may well get an excited text or Facebook message ahead of time). Perhaps I will even take it upon myself to try my hand at my own pattern..a direwolf would be amazing....

Has anyone reading this tried their hand on some Game of Thrones knitting? Or would anyone else like to just express their love for Westoros? 


  1. I need to read these books Jenny, keep telling me every day at work :))


    1. I will do Sophie, I just hope I haven't hyped them up too much like they were for me!