Saturday, 12 April 2014

geek alert! #1 new games

Ni No Kuni The Wrath of the White Witch - image sourced from

So I can't believe in starting this blog that I neglected to mention that I love gaming! I love all sorts of geek activities, and one of those is computer gaming - last year I gave my uni house-mates much mirth when I counted how many new games consoles I had bought that year alone (in case you were wondering, a Nintendo 3DS, a PlayStation 3, a new Xbox 360 for my boy, and a Wii - already owning an Xbox 360 myself, and a PSP, and a GBA...) and this week having bought 2 new games I thought why can't I include this on my blog - and so here I am!

This is simply an introductory post to let you know I will (hopefully) be geeking out on this blog as well as crafting my life away, and with any luck look out for some reviews and general giddiness about the 2 games I got this week - Symphony of the Origins for my Android tablet (a Japanese imported Kemco RPG, a light easy game for £3.99 on the android store to help me pass the time when I have no internet) and Ni No Kuni : The Wrath of the White Witch for the PS3 (a Studio Ghibli - eee - game stylised just like any of their perfect movies [incidentally I LOVE STUDIO GHIBLI] currently on sale on the PlayStation store for £5.50, down from £17.99 - I am so happy I've been waiting for a decent sale on this game for months). 

I did just recently complete Final Fantasy : Lightning Returns for the PS3 (£34.99 from Game) and I loved this as I knew I would having pre-ordered it, and I plan to dress up as Lightning Farron for the Manchester Comic Con in July as she appears in Final Fantasy XIII  - expect many pictures when that happens!

Do you play any games/love Studio Ghibli as much as I? Do lets geek out!

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