Monday, 28 April 2014

i've set up an etsy shop!

I've finally set up an Etsy shop! Yippee! Check it out - prettycolumn

Thanks to S at work for the push to do this - so far only Spiderman is on there but I plan to make lots more and also post up the other things I've made but don't know how to photograph just yet!

One more thing ticked off my list - now to continue updating my blog (pages, layout, links), now updating my Etsy shop, set up a prettycolumn Facebook page, and type up the Spiderman pattern!
I've decided to do all these things in smaller steps rather than one big session to break it up a bit so blogging keeps the fun that I've discovered and so that it doesn't start to feel too much like homework!

On this high though I'm signing off my laptop for the evening - all I want to do is get my jim-jams on and play some serious Ni-No-Kuni!!!

Have a look at my shop and let me know what you think would you? You're a star!

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