Sunday, 6 April 2014

ongoing projects 2; wedding bunting

white flags cut out, lace to decorate and cream ribbon to eventually hang
As you may know I'm engaged to my best friend and the love of my life. B and I have been together 7 years come October and he proposed to me before I went to university in Leicester almost 5 years ago. Now that I've graduated I find not really a day goes by that I don't spare some thought to our wedding! B is studying at university in Leeds at the moment and has another year to go, so we haven't set a date and it doesn't look like we will for at least another year, but we both talk about it and look forward to is so it doesn't matter. Having said that I am insanely excited to get married and would like to make the day as special and unique for us as I can, and what better way than putting my own crafty touch to it.

This is all in a way to introduce another of my ongoing projects - wedding bunting. This is a pattern that I am making up as I go along, but I have made (lots of) bunting before so I like to think/hope I know what I'm doing! I decided to stick with ivory flags as this far in advance I don't have colour schemes decided, and then it will make a timeless heirloom. To add some detail S gave me some ivory lace that belonged to her grandmother and told me to put it to good use, so I am sewing the lace to the top of each flag through the seams. And because we don't have a date set yet I can do this in numerous sittings. So last week I sewed 16 flags with a good 20 or more left cut out ready to sew in a future sitting. Once all the flags are sewn and pressed I will attach them to the ribbon to finish the bunting ready for the big day.
my little pink box with for wedding crafts

some completed flags for wedding bunting
Once completed I intend to share the instructions as a pattern for anyone who might want to give it a go as well, and fabric can be changed to just make everyday bunting! I hope you agree with me that this should add a lovely, homemade, British touch to the wedding! And once finished I can't wait to get to work on something else for the wedding.

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