Wednesday, 16 April 2014

ongoing projects 3; pokemon cross stitch

forgive the creases - it has been a while!
This ongoing project is, truth be told, more of a project I started a year a go...and then left...and am hoping to pick up again! I used to cross stitch A LOT when I was younger - in fact it was the first craft I ever got my teeth stuck into and my mum was more than happy to oblige and buy me patterns, aida, thread etc...she and my brother did it as well and I wanted to join in! However as time passed I found it to be very time-consuming and it didn't hold my attention the same way that knitting and crocheting does, even though the finished projects are quite frankly beautiful.

I picked it up again last year (or wanted to at least!) when I saw patterns for almost every Pokemon on this deviant art site. Looking through other peoples craft blogs I am seeing a lot of cross stitching going on and I think over this long Easter weekend I will have another good go at at least finishing the Pokemon I started (pictured Samurrot)
cross stitch has such wonderful textures and a beautiful finish
The patterns are absolutely brilliant, and mum had a wonderful thread DMC Colour Card which I have now taken for myself and it is invaluable to choosing the colours I need for the Pokemon from my (massive) thread stash without having to go and buy more! If you are into cross stitch I can't stress enough the need of a good colour card as it allows you to buy cheaper thread rather than the always recommended DMC/Anchor brands (I will post a picture in due course of the card).
patterns not my own - see
I must dash now - B has made what looks like a GORGEOUS home made chicken and mushroom pie and it is almost ready to eat mmmm - I'm so lucky to have such a culinary minded fella!

Do you cross stitch? What projects are you currently working on - it would be brilliant to share pictures!


  1. Oooo Pokemon and Cross sitch! That's awesome! x

  2. Thanks Rhiannon - will look even better when I finally get my butt in gear and finish :p xx