Wednesday, 23 April 2014

ongoing projects 4; spiderman crochet pattern

So this Easter Sunday I devoted to writing a pattern for my crochet Spiderman (pictured above) that I made off the cuff last year for a Valentine's Day present for B. It was my first ever go at making something without a pattern and I was so pleased with it that I actually went ahead and made a Rogue from X-Men too! I haven't included a picture of Rogue this time round as this is all about Spidey, but you will get to meet her in time.

Once I made Spiderman and was pleased with him I was inspired to write patterns for as many Marvel superheroes and villains as I could with the intention of selling the patterns as sets - that was a year ago...needless to say I was very successful at putting that particular plan off for a long time!

Then I started this blog and I was inspired to look at my hobbies in whole new ways - namely ways I can share with others and what better thing to share than that which I wanted to a year ago! And so I took Spidey back from B and began to remake him writing notes as I went.

I found writing the pattern a lot easier than I anticipated and I have tested the pattern out on the black version of Spiderman  (it was going to be Venom but he isn't large enough) and it seems successful. I think once you have been crocheting and following patterns for so long you start to just know what the increases need to be in rounds to get a certain shape - that is at least how I feel, what do you think?

And so I have made Spiderman and here he is! He looks SO much better than the one I made last year which is such a pleasure to see the leaps and bounds my crochet skills have made. I have also in note form the pattern to make him and the version for the black Spiderman (who of course won't require the colour work you see on the body and limbs above).
see the improvement?
I will test the pattern one more time on a second Spiderman and then will type up and publish! I am very excited that I have finally achieved this (long awaited) goal and can't wait to get started on other patterns for Marvel characters - I will be doing Rogue or Storm next I think so watch this space!

Any thoughts on Spiderman and on who I should crochet next?


  1. Well I thought the first was really good but you can definitely see the improvement, well done!!
    Rogue was always one of my favourite x-men!


    1. Thanks Hannah! I think I will work on Rogue next as she is one of my favourites too, and having already designed her in the past it should be easier before tackling a whole new character!
      I'm sturggling with recommending yarn weight for the Spidey pattern though - might just say "choose red and blue" and wimp out!
      Jenny x

  2. Oh my - crochet Marvel characters!!! Please don't tell my 5yearold - he will want all if them!! (let me know when you tackle Thor and Loki - his current faves ;-) )

    1. He he sounds like he has good taste :) will do!