Sunday, 6 April 2014

ongoing projects 1; sky scarf

sky scarf: january-april sky so far, pattern courtesy of
I, like any other crafter, have several ongoing projects that I work on a little bit here, and a little bit there with no rush to neccesarily finish them. One of those projects is my sky scarf. It does exactly what it says on the tin; everyday for a year you simply knit the colour of the sky, giving you a beautifully gently coloured 5-foot long scarf at the end of the year. I started this scarf at the end of January when I was looking at my yarn stash and thinking to myself I could really do with using some of this up - what shall I do? A friend had shown me the project a few months ago (unfortunately I can't remember who so I can't thank them!) and so I looked it up and decided to give it a go!

It is very easy to fall behind on a project that requires you to wait til every new day to carry on knitting and sometimes life and other projects just get in the way and I forget to carry on. However I avoid this by every morning while I eat breakfast before work by writing a quick note of what the colour of the morning sky is on that date, so then I can come home and knit that same day, or even leave it for a few days and then I have a unique pattern to work from to catch the scarf up (and I will end up with a sort of sky diary for the year, which is interesting in a light sort of way). I wouldn't recommend leaving this longer than a week though as just knitting greys and whites (as is to be expected with Northern English weather) can get a little boring.

Every scarf will turn out differently and I am very excited to see how mine develops over the year (1 foot knitted, only 4 to go!) and compare it if I can to other people's scarves across the globe. You can find the free pattern from on Ravelry and even buy the complete kit from their website. I have such a huge stash of yarn myself that I didn't need to buy the kit, however the Alpaca lace yarn they provide looks absolutley gorgous and so soft, I may have to treat myself in a few months to another of their creative patttern kits, the mood scarf, so I can get the feel of using good quality yarn, as a lot of my stash is a little old and rough! Nothing a wash with softener can't handle once the scarf is complete, just got to wait 10 more months now...

If anyone else is currently knitting a sky scarf - let's compare! Or hopefully I've inspired you to give it a go; the pattern is straightforward, elegant and effective, ideal for beginners looking to take on a project, or for any skill level of knitter who want to make a truly unique scarf for themselves.