Tuesday, 1 April 2014

steve the stegosaurus

dinosaur -steve the stegosaurus
As promised on Sunday, here is the dinosaur that I knitted! Named by my Dad, please say hello to Steve the Stegosaurus!

The pattern came from a book that B bought me for Christmas - The Craft Library Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor (2011), an adorable collection of 25 patterns for knitted toys. I really love knitting and crocheting toys, they are very satisfying to complete, have a real rustic/homemade look to them, and it is also very easy to hide mistakes in the knitting if you are prone to small errors (as most knitters are) - you can always make it look like it was meant to be there! Until I can perfect my jumper knitting skills I will be knitting many a toy - I don't have anyone to give these as gifts, and I think B would like it if I stopped hoarding toys in my room...I may decide to sell this little fella when I get stuck into craft fairs properly.

I would say this pattern is ideal for beginners looking to perfect working with smaller needles - it is worked on 3.75mm straight needles (I used 3.5 as I don't seem to have 3.75 handy...) and uses simple increases and decreases with stockinette stich, while the spines are worked in the less used but effective moss stich. You can buy the book from Waterstones - couldn't find it on Amazon - for £8.99.

steve with the book
In other news B brought over the SLR that we bought a couple of years ago, so with any luck and some practice I will start posting much better quality photo's of the things I make! This week I have set myself the challenge to work out a pattern for some mini X-Men/Marvel comic characters I have crocheted free hand in the past, and to type up some headband patterns I wrote over the last few months. Keep an eye out for some patterns from me soon, or maybe perhaps just some more idle ramblings while I get stuck in to this blogging milarky!


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