Monday, 21 April 2014

sunday round-up

In the last 10 minutes of Sunday (I am seriously pushing the title of this post!) I really really wanted to quickly share with you what I have been doing this bank holiday weekend while B has been away at camp in the Lake District and I needed to distract myself with muchos crafting!

1 -  I completed my #DICraftSwap project, much sooner than I meant to as I was an eager beaver and have even made a quick little extra - holding off posting it for a little while to make such I've done the best job I can!

2 - I finally started knitting hexipuffs for my very own beekeeper's quilt at the pub yesterday while having a girly afternoon - done 3 so far, only 380 to go.. :)

3 -  I painted Kilner jars following a blog tutorial from la petite pie - one for a birthday present, one for my sister, and one for myself and I am thoroughly pleased with the result! Absolutely gorgeous and so quick to do, and the paint was barely touched so I even repainted my mirror frame and I have plenty left over for future jars. I seriously recommend doing this project.
perfect for make-up brushes, though now I have made it into yet another pen pot!
4 - I spotted a tutorial for quick no fuss gift bags from AnjiKrafts, had a go, and could not be happier with the result, absolutely splendid and literally took 5 minutes

5 - I watched The Black Cauldron and Song of the South having never seen them before further to pub discussions yesterday, and I will never watch them again - all I can take from the experiences is at least now I know why Song of the South is so politically incorrect/racist that it hurts (which is why I watched it - to understand for myself why it is so wrong, and I understand)

6 - I began writing up my Spiderman crochet pattern I AM SO EXCITED (dare I say it is going easier than I thought) but I'm planning a more in depth post in the future, and with any luck will set-up my Etsy store tomorrow and the pattern will follow in a week or two!

7 - I gave my blog a little redesign, not how I envisioned it but I feel it is a promising start - what do you think?
I haven't taken a cheeky selfie in aaages

8 - I didn't work on my sky scarf - oops

PHEW thanks for reading that if you didn't get bored! What have you been up to this bank holiday weekend?
And now at 5 minutes past midnight I'd best hit publish before we realise it's no longer Sunday....oh and Happy Easter


  1. SPIDERMAN PATTERN! AMG! That is awesome! Looking very pretty too! I hope you had a lovely easter x

    1. thanks Rhiannon :) you too! mine was filled with so much crafting and PS3-ing and relaxing away from work ^^

  2. You've finished your craft swap already! Haha, very fast, I still need to do mine.... Looking forward to see what you have sent.
    That Spiderman crochet is amazing!!

    1. i know i was terribly eager :p but i'm waiting a little bit to post it at least :D thanks - wait til you see the improved version that was one i made last year