Thursday, 24 April 2014

throwback thursday #1 - totoro

I have to admit I'm not keen on the phrase/hashtag Throwback Thursday - no particular reason I've just never rated it. However having only begun this blog just over a month ago and having been knitting and crafting for years before that, there are a lot of projects I have worked on and completed in the past and (unfortunately for me) a 'Throwback Thursday' post every now and then is the best way to structure sharing these creations with you!

And so let me introduce you to a snippet of my Totoro soft craft creations! For those of you who don't know My Neighbour Totoro (1988) is a Studio Ghibli animated film that is amazing and easily my favourite Ghibli film. Totoro's are friendly, cuddly, good-natured creatures of the forest and just have such a wonderful look that is easily transferred to crochet and knitting.

 Pictured above and to the right (albeit it slightly poorly) are a pair of crochet slippers which I adorned with my very own free-hand crochet motifs of the iconic grey Totoro, the blue Totoro carrying his sack of acorns, and the little white Totoro. The pattern for the slippers came from Zoom Yummy.

The above two Totoro's are patterns from the brilliant designer Lucy Ravenscar and can be downloaded for free from her Ravelry page, Grey Totoro is my favourite Totoro creation and I made him because I desperately wanted a plushie Totoro but couldn't justifying buying one online - crocheting one was much cheaper and more rewarding! Perfect cuddle sizes.

Finally this cushion case was actually a jumper I had knitted for myself a year ago but I have discovered I am awful at knitting jumpers (I have completed 3 and none fit! I keep persevering though) and instead of wasting the work I created this cover and adorned it with stitched leaves and acorns. I made the chart by uploading the image I wanted to a chart creator online - can't remember which one it is now but once I have written some more patterns I will share the chart with you on my patterns page :)

Do you like Studio Ghibli or Totoro? Please say you like Totoro...


  1. Ahh you are amazing! I love Totoro and Studio Ghibli!
    I haven't mastered crochet but this really makes me want to try again!


    1. Aw gee thanks Hannah x) all the best people clearly love Ghibli!
      I would thoroughly recommend persevering with crochet, you can make such beautiful things and YouTube videos are literally how I taught myself

      I'm so excited for the geek theme craft swap next month btw! What an excellent theme!

      Jenny x

  2. Aww they look awesome! The jumper come cushion is amazing! I love Studio Ghibli and allt he wonders they've created. I have these patterns saved and still not gotten around to making them. Soon I will. I have the white one as a pillow with soot sprites all over it! I would so have a huge collection of it if the other half lets me. More people need to be on the Totoro band wagon x

    1. Thanks Rhiannon! I think I saved the jumper in s good way :) OK I do hope you make them the patterns are great! And your cushion sounds great I'm jealous :) the magic of Ghibli is awesome - will get to spreading the Totoro loving x