Friday, 18 April 2014

today i will be mostly..

... developing my blog and image (and technically over the Easter bank holidays).Well hopefully - I haven't done any design work since my graphic design GSCE in oh, I dunno, 2009? Ok not that long ago, but I only ever took it to GSCE level after all! (I am pleased to announce I did get an A* though so hopefully that will stand me in good stead)

First things first - I will be attempting a logo today, choosing from the above fonts and then colours, possibly hand draw an image to go alongside too or scour the Internet for images legally available for use. Once that is done it will be time to re-format this blog to match the logo/look more professional. I plan to get some pages up and work out how to link my new email address to it all! Will also need to learn some code language today I imagine...

Finally I will be using this all as a springboard to finally launch my own Etsy shop - I am really very excited and will be using a book I bought yesterday - Marvel: Year by Year, A Visual Chronicle (DK: 2008) - £14.99 from The Works ( I LOVE THE WORKS - down from £35) to seriously get designing my Marvel crochet characters! I already did Spiderman and Rogue (X-Men) but want to create patterns to go with them - expect pictures in the next few days! This will hopefully have happened by Monday morning if I can focus enough over the next couple of days - B is away at camp (grr) so I should be able to focus, even with the pub trips I am making with friends and family tonight and tomorrow ;p

Have you got any hints and tips for me when it comes to the image of my blog? Links to templates? I would really appreciate any help and tips more experienced bloggers have to offer!


  1. This site is brilliant and full of tips
    I just used picmonkey to make my header for the words. It's all up to you at the end of the day. If not there are a lot of people on Etsy who make some beautiful layouts x

  2. I'm totally in over my head - I haven't the foggiest what I am doing - had a look at those sites but cant get the header right, cant get a decent template.....feel like i've wasted the day a bit :( SO I'm officially/unfortunately putting this on hold before i get so stressed out I want to cry - instead I will knit to calm down :)