Monday, 14 April 2014

yarn tidy up

I'm sure every knitter and crocheter reading this will appreciate that no matter how often you sort your yarn, or how carefully you tidy up after each project, inevitably another tidy up is always required! I've been putting a big one off just because I barely have any space in my room to move it all! I've been very envious however of reading about fellow crafters 'craft-spaces' on their blogs as I don't have a designated space, so I finally decided to thoroughly treat myself and tidy up the space I do have with a bit of colour!

I had seen at The Works a few weeks ago that they were selling adorable but ideally sized storage boxes at two for £10 (or £6.99 each) and once I saw the Beatrix Potter box I was sold! I love reading children's stories (Peter Pan and Treasure Island and Winnie the Pooh easily being my favourites) and this was the perfect box to fit in my room and to store my (mountains of) yarn. And who didn't grow up with The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

As you can see above my previous yarn storage system was beginning to leave much to be desired! I had initially when I began knitting stored all my yarn in the drawer underneath my bed in colour groups. However as my stash grew I had to move out of the drawer (filling it instead with fabric for other crafts) and began to fill whatever I had!

I had a lot of fun emptying all my yarn onto the floor and organising it by colour again - nothing it quite so satisfying as just taking stock of your stash and seeing what you have/what you can make!
I then filled the two boxes with colour groups so now in future it should be a lot easier to locate the yarns I need for different projects.

Of course the two boxes weren't enough and I had to fill my Cath Kidston storage bag with the remaining bundles of white, black, grey and brown yarns. But as you can see in the image above it has made for a very effective, tidy and pleasing way to store my yarn, and so much easier to look through than open baskets and bags!

And the major plus is that now it all fits very snugly at the bottom of my bed!

Have you had a big tidy up of your stash recently? I always love seeing cheeky pictures of peoples stashes if they have them! I'm only sorry I don't have more shelf space in my room so that I can store my yarn on the shelves and have a permanent rainbow in my room...

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  1. I can't possibly show you my stash, as that would require getting it all out of its hiding places, and that would mean admitting to my boyfriend that I have ever so slightly more than I've possibly told him about...