Wednesday, 14 May 2014

a song of ice and fire

Today I finally finished reading the George R. R. Martin saga (thus far) of A Song of Ice and Fire and what can I say of these books that has not already been said?

I had actually already read 6 of the 7 books almost 2 years ago but for reasons un beknown to me now I did not read the final book. I had come so far only to fall down and decide I'm only reading this because of the hype not because I enjoy it. But life is too short to read books you don't like (and I say this whole heartedly after slugging through The Three Musketeers and just regretting the effort).

But I decided I wanted to try watching the show again and before I could do that I needed to read the books again as I'm one of those people. And BAM why why why did I ever think this was over hyped as a series? It has dexterity, complexity, suspense, excitement, historical believability with just enough fantasy and unanswered questions to make Westeros a land worth escaping to when reading.

Initially I suppose I really enjoyed A Feast for Crows so much and loved reading the Southron stories so much (though I am obviously of the North at heart) that I think the initial A Dance with Dragons filled me with a longing of the southern stories again - that and the complexity was almost too much I felt I couldn't keep up with what was happening. So actually I am so thankful I read the books for a second time (technically) to better my understanding. But I was never bored and in fact I was frequently surprised by the plot! And not just deaths (as we all know they are frequent) but just everything! And now I haven't a clue which my favourite book is - perhaps actually A Dance with Dragons now comes out on top! Though I am impatient for that trial to happen!

And as a result I ploughed through the existing TV series as well - embracing the differences between the show and the books as a way of exploring the world in even more depth and sparking much more (loved) debate between me and friend B.

Though I don't know about other series watchers who have read the books - do you feel like series 4 is getting away from them a bit now? It feels as if stories are stories for stories' sake and not to further the 'game of thrones' as it were (Bran - need I say more?) And the stories are fast catching up with the books - George needs to pull his socks up and get writing!

I am happy to report I am as big a A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones as any and I can't WAIT to meet up with friend B in a couple of weeks to work on our Comic Con costumes together and to gossip gossip gossip!

Have you read A Song of Ice and Fire - or did you perhaps try reading it like I did and stop?


  1. When I first started reading I was like '6 of the 7 books?! How, how?!' but then realised you meant the ones that are split as well (3 and 5 right?0. Phew!

    1. MY BAD well spotted Breige *looks uncomfortably and suitably cowed* i'll amend that :p

    2. Oh no, it's grand! Like there is 7 books out as those are split, it just took a minute for it to sink in. I thought somehow you'd managed to get a copy of the second last in the series!

  2. I love the books, I even hunted down 'A tale of dunk and egg' just so I could read more about the world George R.R. Martin has created! I've just finished his tale of 'A dance of the Dragons' in Dangerous Women and it made me sad, he kills everyone! I have to agree with you, I was slightly annoyed with the changes they made with Bran getting captured etc. but Mondays episode made up for it a lot, Tyrion gave me goosebumps and even though I know whats coming I feel all excited!

    1. my friend is sending me the PDF of that so I can read it on my kindle :D oh yeah I think I saw on instagram you were reading that, looks fascinating - when has GRRM ever really let anyone live though? :p
      OH MY GOSH mondays episode was such a vast improvement! I was so happy! i got such goosebumps too!