Saturday, 31 May 2014

#BEDM finished!

bit of pj retail therapy - batman yeah!
WOO HOO well done to all of us bloggers who have completed the #BEDM challenge, hosted over on Rosalilium - and thank you very much to the blogger Elizabeth for arranging the challenge.

When I first heard of the challenge over on Rhiannon's lovely lovely blog The Sparkly Panda I thought how splendid what a good idea and that was that. But then 10 minutes later I thought again hmm...why not give it a shot myself? 

The reason for my taking part in the challenge was, as a very new blogger (I can't believe I only started at the end of March! This feels so much of a part of me now!), I wanted to give it a go to try at networking with others taking part in the challenge. I also thought following the prompts (when needed) would help inspire me and stretch my mind when blogging. Finally I just thought that I could treat is as an exercise to help me get used to my blog and get a feel for what I am most comfortable blogging about. For example I fundamentally prefer blogging in depth about my crafts, but like to keep it quite brief when it comes to geekier subjects  - as too many thoughts tumble around in my head and I can't express them all as succinctly as I would like (for proof, see my review of the new X-Men film: Days of Future Past). I will aim to practice this and get better, but it feels quite satisfying to know that at least, feel like I've learned a little something.

When the challenge started I thought it was a breeze as I had loads of ideas of what I wanted to write about - early on I decided not to follow the prompts regularly as they were aimed at lifestyle bloggers mostly, and I am first and foremost a craft blog and then geeky blog (if such a thing exists) - but of course this initial naivety gave way quickly as I ran out of what I felt were substantial blog post topics. You could probably see that towards the end (yesterday was literally just a filler post) and so this was a tricky challenge and has tired me out a little bit when it comes to blogging - it did a little bit at times feel more like a necessity to blog to complete the challenge, rather than a pleasure. I also in the beginning found lots of new blogs I wanted to follow, but that initial flurry of networking died down for me at least - probably because I felt a little overwhelmed by how many blogs there were to read, but it's great so many took part!

In the end though I am glad I took part in the challenge and I hope you were too! I will have to give serious thought next year if I were to take part again as, like I said, it did bog me down a little bit. I probably won't but will follow the hash tag on Twitter with interest. But I do feel I got a lot of good content out there (I hope you agree!). Did you take part in #BEDM - what did you think/feel you got out of it?

And now I am signing off for a week or so! Got to have a break from all this blogging (PHEW), get my current #DICraftSwap sorted and posted, and then it's off to Paris with M for 3 days yippee! Catch up with you all soon!

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