Tuesday, 20 May 2014

being adventurous

a picture i took of a sidewalk on my college campus in the states, 2012

Today I've decided to attempt interpret the day's #BEDM prompt which is 'being adventurous'. I could wtite about my time living in the USA for 9 months, braving an alien culture, away from my best friend/fiancé, but that was 2 years ago and more recently I have been adventurous in my own personal way. I am by no means an adventurous person by nature - and by adventurous I mean seeking out challenging new and exciting mysteries - but in my own cool, calm and ever so slightly cautious way I felt I was being adventerous in beginning this blog.

Those of you who have been reading with me from the start will know I started this blog as a result of a passion, a dream, and a conversation. I often (like most I am sure) dream about things without giving them a go, but this time I wanted to take the first step towards that dream, and as a result I discovered a renewed passion for my 'hobbies' (the word doesn't give my attachment to crafting and fantasy worlds nearly the credit they are due in my life) which filled me with an inexplicable excitement and hope for the next few years.

To many, starting a blog isn't very adventurous, and now I have been doing it for a few months it feels a part of me. But it is also an adventure of a different sort - one that causes me to view my everyday loves and joys through a different light, in ways in which I can share them with others, meet new people, and pursue a business/career path moulded by my own two (digital and creative) feet.

From that 'adventurous' first step I have taken some more tentative shuffles; spoken with strangers on Twitter and blogs; signed up for a craft swap, willingly submitting my crafts to the scrutiny of strangers; taken part in #BEDM which really pushes my creativity and writing in ways I never thought it might; even written my own patterns and put them up online for sale, bravely saying look what I've done, I'm proud of myself and think my time is worth a little bit of a reward. 

And this is all an adventure to me - a small and steady one that will take time and effort and not a few failures - but all of our adventures are our own, and I am very happy to be sharing this adventure with you, no matter what your passions or definitions of 'being adventurous' are. I feel the confidences growing inside me to do things more adventurous than this over time, as a direct result of taking the first baby step, and know that being happy not only in my decisions, but also in my definition of an adventure, will invoke a passion and pleasure in me that will carry me through for a long time.

Thanks for inspiring me to carry on by reading this post :) here's to being adventurous each in our own way.


  1. I'd love to hear more about how you found life in the US. I moved to Michigan from Yorkshire over two and a half years ago - certainly an eye opening experience that's for sure!

    1. I think I will devote a blog post at some point to my time in the States, particularly as that is where I finally learned how to knit and crochet! :) i'm always interested in Brit's interpretations of living in the States, as particulalry like yourself i found it eye opening in almost an uncomfortable way