Tuesday, 27 May 2014

completed second simple skirt

What do you think? Tomorrow I will link this post properly to my previous skirt post, and I will also update you on my thoughts on the new X-Men film :)

update - sorry for the brief post yesterday, I was mega busy with B as we hadn't spent quality time together for weeks (revision for uni exams bleah) and we had a date night (the first for a long time - it was GREAT, X-Men and Chinese buffet mm). But in the spirit of #BEDM I still got my post up! Just slight polishing now over lunch at work.

This is a picture of my second completed 'simple skirt' - see my previous post about my first go at making the skirt and links to the original tutorial here - what do you think? I bought the plain bluey-greeny fabric from a fabric shop in Manchester and on a spur on the moment looked through my fabric stash and stuck a simple patch pocket on :)

I'm quite pleased, it doesn't quite smoothly on my hips but I think you can only take this (brilliant) tutorial so far. It is more for practice than fashion, but it definitely still looks nice and got me some nice compliments at work on Tuesday! If you are thinking of making a skirt - stop thinking and give it a try!

For simplicity's sake - here is the direct link to the Shrimp Salad Circus skirt tutorial!

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