Friday, 23 May 2014

currently crafting - journey wanderer

Today's #BEDM prompt - date night - is not applicable to me as B has abandoned me for camp over the bank holiday weekend, so instead I will update you on what I am currently crafting while watching Spy Hard on Netflix (I am pausing many times to laugh!)

via that game company
I am trying to make the wandering, cloaked figure the player controls on the beautiful PS3 game that is Journey from that game company (no I'm not being mysterious, they are named that). This game is moving, majestic, and perfect in its deep simplicity - I always cry a little playing this - and I grow so attached both to my own figure and to whoever you happen to meet on your journey when playing online that I wanted to make my own. The only pattern I could find on Etsy was, in my opinion, really no good and there is such an opening in the (incredibly specifically minded) market that here I am trying another of my own crochet creations!

The top picture is the book I make all the notes for my crochet patterns in (a beautiful Muji notebook that my mum bought a long long time ago and never used) and the one below simply shows the beginning of my wanderer beginning to take shape.

I am starting with the hood of the wanderer as I figure this will be the trickiest. I though about cheating and making a solid red head and sewing a black crochet face on top to create the head, but I don't think this will have a satisfactory/pleasing finish for me personally, and what is the point in creating something if not for yourself!

The work you see so far took me about an hour, quite a long time, but I made notes as I went along and am feeling hopeful about how this character will turn out. I am prepared to devote quite a while to this one though. I had to take a break though because it was incredibly difficult! I've also - in case you were wondering - put my Pikachu phone case project on hold for the moment until I can buy some better weighted yarn as the stuff I have now is a nightmare!

Fingers crossed for this one though - I want to do this game proud!


  1. My other half loves Journey. I've sat and watched him and it does look sort of relaxing to watch but I've never played it. I might have to though now. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out x

    1. i watched my roommate in America play it before I had a go and found it relaxing and enticing - the same to play, except I get very emotionally involved, but it acts sort of as a release :) thanks, I hope it turns out well, lot of work already at the earliest stage! x