Monday, 12 May 2014

#DICraftSwap - what i recieved!

Last month I signed up for my first ever craft swap over at Hannah's blog - Dainty and Ivory. The theme was SPRING and you can read all about what I sent to Rhiannon over at The Sparkly Panda either on my blog or on Rhiannon's, or even both!

Anywho today I received my swap from Hannah - and ohmygosh I was and still am so overwhelmed! Let me take you through the steps of the gorgeousness of my gifts - I can assure you taking pictures was difficult as I was so excited.

I removed the parcel paper to reveal a neat little box and a card taped to the lid. Inside the box were 4 beautifully wrapped gifts each with a thoughtful little note as to the story behind the items inside - such a wonderful touch and it was so obvious a lot of thought went into this.


First I opened the card (first picture) which had a lovely note from Hannah revealing that she was in fact my craft swap partner (though technically we weren't 'partnered' - read more here at Hannah's blog about the swap and what she sent/received).

Next came the flower design dream catcher (first picture) - this is going to make a wonderful addition to my room and was very expertly made.

Then the ladybird (third picture) - the note from Hannah said "...this one is a first attempt and so not 100% perfect" but I disagree - I wouldn't change it at all.

After that the Butterfree embroidery hoop (second picture). Need I say more? Hannah can't know this but the first thing I EVER made EVER was a Butterfree softie with my mum from a pair of tights and calico for the wings. Plus anything and everything Pokemon is amazing. Its just amazing. Amazing.

And finally - the crochet bag (first picture). Game of Thrones and crochet gloriousness. Just - spot - on.

I can't say enough how inspired I am by all this and have filled the bag already with my crochet materials for making my Totoro phone case. Next month's theme is GEEK and I am in my element with ideas already! Sign up is open until the 16th May so if you are interested instructions on signing up are here - if you are on the fence about signing up I would say go for it!

And thank you so much Hannah, not just for my swap but also for organising this!! Can't wait for next month!

NOTE a brief apology to #BEDM participants - I am sorry that I haven't been adhering to the prompts at all but they are all very lifestyle themed and my blog being craft driven with a geeky twist I can't follow the prompts. That being said I am still taking part and hope you are enjoying my posts!


  1. Haha I love the quote on the bag - I really should be working on that crochet blanket I started, come winter i'll be needing it!

    1. sounds like you need you a bag like mine :p ooo i've made a crochet blanket - took me aaaages so the sooner you get on that the better yeah :)

  2. Awesome bag! I'm so going to be getting that soon. You got sent some lovely things, so pretty! x

    1. thanks! I can't wait for the GEEK swap! you and i are going to own that i am sure ;p

  3. Yay, I am so happy that you like everything! I wanted one of the bags myself but I don't knit or crochet =( and thank you, glad you liked the ladybird! And the Butterfree softie you made with your mum sounds adorable!

    I can't wait for this months swap either, I have so many ideas. Thanks for taking part =D

    1. you can still totally have a bag though as you appreciate knitting and crochet :D on my pleasure - i've said it before and i will say it again, thank you for organising!