Saturday, 3 May 2014

#DICraftSwap - what i sent!

So I should read the topics for #BEDM the night before clearly - as it is a bit late in the day to document my weekend morning routine! I'm currently working on my first product review post but I have a lot of reading up on PR and etiquette and blah blah to make sure I do a good job and am clear in my writing - so this is a cheeky 'filler post' to keep up with the challenge!

Last month I signed up to my first craft swap over on Hannah's blog Dainty and Ivory and was very excited. She set me up with Rhiannon (The Sparkley Panda) and theme was Spring. I really wanted to make my gift as personal as I could and so I read through Rhiannon's blog (a great blog!) and deduced that she was a unicorn fan - and I was inspired!

I found the pattern for the above adorable unicorn over on Little Yarn Friends and knew that was what I had to make! In keeping with the Spring theme I changed the colours of the pattern to pastel colours that made me think of flowers.

I also made a neat little gift bag following a blog post I had seen that week (see my post on that here) to hold a small Lindt bunny as being April, Easter was weighing on my mind!

Finally I figured you couldn't go wrong with some Marvel stationary!

I had so much fun deciding what to make and send and getting it all together! I'm waiting on my craft swap package to come and I don't know who is sending it but that is all part of the excitement! Expect a post when it arrives - I was just going to do the one big post once it did come, but I'm sure you don't mind me splitting it...

the unicorn was very snug in the box!
Have you taken part in any craft swaps recently?

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