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film review - x-men days of future past *spoiler alert*

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Last night B and I went to see X-Men Days of Future Past at Cineworld (bargain Tuesdays, £5.20 each, live-saver for one who no longer has student discount) and I thoroughly enjoyed the film, but funnily enough both B and I were a little non-plussed as to the point of the film - bear with me.

this review contains some spoilers - you have been warned
The premise of the film is that in the not-too-distant future war has been waged against the mutant population by (surprise surprise) the American government funding a capitalist's venture into new-age weaponry; Trask Industry's Sentinals. However the Sentinals have evolved too thoroughly ad are on the brink of wiping out all mutant life and also human life too who they detect will have mutant off-spring eventually. And so Wolverine (the hero of all the X-Men films bar First Class - do love him though) has his consciousness sent back to the 1970's in order to recruit the younger versions of Xavier and Magneto to attempt to avert the course of history that leads to this abysmal future.

All the actors are on fine form in this film, I really enjoyed everyone's portrayal of their counterparts, Hugh Jackman as usual doesn't fail to deliver the simultaneous wit and broodiness of Wolverine, effortlessly making him a wiser character as he would inevitably at this stage. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are great, and Jennifer Lawrence of course is superb (though not in the film as much as I would like). Unfortunately Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, although perfect, really don't get enough screen time for my liking - but that is personal as the majority of the film takes place in the 70's and the screen time they do get is awesome. Also Peter Dinklage - marvellous, but I wanted more! Basically, what we come to expect from the new Marvel films - brilliant :)

I really wanted to write this review because me and B came out of the film like "yeah that was great! But now aren't all the other films technically obsolete?" Having successfully averted the dangerous future, Logan is now alone in the present day having a completely different past to the rest of the world, with only Charles having a slight inkling as to what has happened. At least Jean and Scott are alive as a result, and Rogue looks like she kept her powers! But now X-Men 1-3 haven't happened...which doesn't really bother me as such, it is just a bit, like...whu? Not very eloquent I know but hey that's my head right now.

Also, how come Charles is alive when the Sentinals are at war? Did he morph that comatose man to his image after his consciousness entered in at the end of 3? And since when can Kitty send people's minds back to the past (perhaps that's in the comics and I should know better). These were just a number of the unanswered questions I though it wouldn't have hurt if Marvel had just tied them up a little better. I rreeaalllyy wanted a few minutes on Xavier at least - they took the time to explain his walking at least in the 70s.

Of course I'm just putting these thoughts out there, as I REALLY enjoyed the film a lot, its just now I have a blog that I can express my tumbling thoughts, and believe me my thoughts are literally tumbling around, but its awesome I olive having to think a lot (and although there are unanswered aspects to the film the film as a whole tied up reasonably well, leaving that usual Marvel opening for many conclusions and future films). I REALLY liked the end - mystique as striker rescuing Logan, will he or won't he still get adamantium, where is Magneto at now - but the bit at the end of the credits? Not as good as usual...

I dunno guys and girls - not the most succinct film review, but if you've watched it I hope you know what I means and I haven't just missed something!! I really really like it and the fact that it was thought provoking, so much so that I've written a messy spiel of thought here :) what do you think of the film? Excited for another?

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  1. I can't wait to see it! I've been watching the actors on tv doing interviews in the mornings, it's on my list right up there with Maleficent!