Sunday, 11 May 2014


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If you haven't watched Firefly and you like sci-fi WATCH please!

I have never seen this before but for ages I knew I needed to as I've heard nothing but good things. Last night watching Eurovision with S she told me I simply had to, so today I sat down to start watching finally while I work on my next pattern (a Totoro phone cover).

Here I am 6 episodes later and ready to start the 7th (only a total of 14 waa)

It's witty and clever and a very fresh show to watch - I have no bad things to say about it! It has a feel of Star Wars to it in that it is set in space with some really fantastic characters (I'm seeing Han Solo in a number of the characters) with also a wild-west edge when they visit planets and pull off their 'jobs', which reminds me of Mos Eisley in A New Hope and also the fact that Star Wars is pretty much a western film but in space. But I can't think of any show that it is replicating - it is certainly not copying Star Wars! It just reminds me of it. And this is it's greatest strength - fresh is the most apt word I can use to describe it.

S warned me (and I'm sure ardent fans of the show knew this already) that the show when first aired in 2002 was done so in the incorrect order and so mucked up its possibilities. I researched online though and am happy to report that Netflix have the order correct, making my life easier.

I've read online that people think the pilot (Serenity part 1 & 2) is a little off pace and slow to start but I must disagree - right from the off it was enjoyable and I could tell I was going to be heartbroken when I have finished the ONLY season they have done (and the film).

I could look up and share with you all the reasons it has been discontinued and share my outrage as a new fan at what was evidently a masterpiece (yeah I think that word is apt it is brilliant) but right now I am just enjoying what there is and loving having a new show to watch that I just can't stop!!

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