Tuesday, 6 May 2014

passion projects - FIRST PATTERN NOW LIVE

Today's #BEDM blog prompt is Passion Projects - what do you love and would like to make money from. Think about entrepreneurial spirit and this is a perfect prompt to share some news with you that I am very proud of and what I hope is the first step towards realising a dream of mine (and a bit of a plug so do bear with me!)

B has promised me that when we are older and if I really want to pursue my ultimate dream he will support me in that (that's why I'm going to marry this beautiful man) and my ultimate dream would be to open a second hand book store/cafe/craft haven, where the mugs don't match, the furniture is wonky, the shop is cosy and basically all my friends hang out all the time and I can knit & natter to my heart's content with others who share my passion.

image via picnapic.com
In the meantime though I love all the patterns that people share online and I am taking my baby steps to becoming a crochet/knit designer myself and joining the knitting Internet family. 

I have written a couple of patterns and have spent weeks practising and proof reading and attempting to make one in particular of a standard that I would be happy to buy so that I would be proud to sell - and as first patterns go I think I've managed this!
a print screen of my first page of my first pattern
I have now completed my Spiderman crochet pattern and have spent the last couple of hours uploading it to my Etsy store and to my newly made Ravelry store (links below. I am very proud of myself if I do say so myself and I feel happy enough with the work I have put into this to sell it. 

If you are interested in my pattern it can be purchased from Ravelry or Etsy EEP

What are your dreams? Do you design patterns at all?


  1. Oh. if you want a business partner can I please join you in the opening of the coffee shop/book shop. It sounds wonderful :-) also congratulations on your baby steps ... I look forward to seeing how it pans out, every good wish!!

    1. Tehe no doubt we can come to some arrangement :p thank you so much for your good wishes, always so important to everyone pursuing their passions as I think today's BEDM prompt has shown!

  2. I love little Spider-man, he's absolutely adorable!

    1. Thanks so much Hannah :) he appreciates the compliment!