Monday, 5 May 2014

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I was put in contact with this website following an assignment listed on Bloggers Required and the first review they asked me to do was basically any 2 products I wanted from the website on a project of my own choice given to me by the company. I had a trawl through the website after thinking about what I wanted to make and Fantastic Ribbons sent me the products within a few days of my requesting them.

the ribbons I requested - (c) prettycolumn

Being first and foremost a knitter I mainly use ribbons to adorn gifts and gift wrap. However I have made animal cushions in the past and used ribbons and ricrac to trim the various features and for a long time I’ve been meaning to make a scented hanging for my wardrobe to keep my clothes a little fresher. After having seen the large selection on the website I felt more inspired and I decided to make a scented owl hanging using some of my (many) fabric scraps!

For the trim on the owl’s wings I wanted a slim ribbon that had a vintage/handmade feel and in colours that I like. The 6mm centre stitch ribbon that I eventually decided on is a pleasing shade of pale brown that is complemented well by the pastel pink stitching (it also comes in blue so maybe I should have looked at my fabric scraps before ordering the ribbon!).

chosing fabric to compliment the ribbon - (c) prettycolumn
I find brown’s go very easily with most colours and the ribbon is simple enough to match the floral fabric I chose for the owl’s wings, so I was pleased with this choice.

(c) prettycolumn

The width of the ribbon made it ideal to shape to the contours of the wings. I don’t like gluing fabrics and so I insist on sewing everything together which proved a little tricky as the ribbon already has a centre stitch running down it. But I simply chose a matching pink thread to sew the ribbon and it has worked just fine! The look of the ribbon really added that home-made look I wanted and enhanced the wings as a major feature of the owl. If I had a decent glue gun I could have avoided that problem but I am quite stubborn!

my finished owl hanging! - (c) prettycolumn

The second product I chose was a sturdy 15mm twill dot ribbon to use to hang the owl inside my wardrobe. I chose a cream with pink polka dots as it looked so cute and I just knew I would get a lot of use out of such a ribbon when it comes to gift wrapping once I’d made this project. 

(c) prettycolumn

I really like ribbons made from this material as they feel lovely to touch, don’t fray/split when you sew through them, and just look decent. And who isn’t a fan of polka dots?!

I was very impressed with these two products and the speed at which they were sent to me after I submitted my request. They cost £2.50 each for the full reel of 4 metres and so after this project I will certainly get a lot more use out of these ribbons. The arrived just as they looked on the website which is always reassuring should you consider going back to a website to buy from!

If you knit/crochet and use ribbons a lot I would love to hear what you use them for?

disclaimer – these products were kindly supplied to me by for review purposes on this blog and I have included a button in my sidebar if you wish to view their website. All opinions are my own and I was not sponsored to write this post.


  1. You're also in the fantastic ribbons crafty club thing! I love the little Owl, its adorable!!


    1. Yeah! I was pleased when I saw you were too - I didn't want to be the only one. Thanks :D