Monday, 26 May 2014

product review - iphone4s case

Today I am deviating slightly from crafting to review a product sent to me for my iPhone 4S - and what geek would be complete without some sort of technology they rely on, and like many I rely on my phone.

I found out about Mr Nutcase - a custom phone case company - through a fellow blogger's review of one of their cases. They cater for many smart phone/tablet cases and covers (a quick count on their wesbite and I counted 13 products of various brands - all the biggies basically) and having an iPhone I had no problem finding my product.

The idea of Mr Nutcase, in case you can't guess, is that they provide you with a personalised phone/tablet cover using an image of your choosing. The website is incredibly easy to navigate and simple in all the right ways - nothing puts me off a new product more than a difficult to navigate website - and the branding is a little cheesy, but not in your face and so this was not a turn off at all (unlike say certain personalised card websites..).

I created an 'Ultra Light Weight Slimline Case' which normally cost £14.95 - a reasonable enough price for a customised phone case, including p&p, and they dispatch the next day (mine came within 2 days - brilliant!). The layout and steps to choosing your image stays simple all the way - the website suggests an ideal image quality for your best results, and you can alter the image/add text/add clip art to your phone case too, of if that isn't your thing you can choose existing patterns/designs submitted by other customers.

After much agonising I chose one of my favourite picture of me and B - I fancied a geeky Totoro image (doesn't have to be a picture!) but couldn't decide on a single one - and easily uploaded it, adjusted it, and placed my order.
The case is smart and fits very comfortably to my phone. The edges of the case are see through which I'm not overly keen on, and I wasn't sure I could alter that on the website (i.e. wrap round the image) - they do offer this as a 3d wrap round case however, a different product to mine, doh! -  and when the case first arrived in the post the finish wasn't great (for example a bit of plastic was left on the edge of the hole for the camera - this was very easily removed by hand however, yet didn't quite give that professional first impression).

These are very minor concerns however - for the product of designing your own phone case the Mr Nutcase website does the job very well.

Overall I am impressed with the service offered by Mr Nutcase and the case received will protect my phone adequately - their customer service is also very good; they are very ready to help which is always refreshing in an web-based stored! If I were to get another case however I would choose a different image as I think the service they offer works better with brightly coloured images/pictures rather than a black and white image which doesn't have a huge impact. The price is also a factor for me- I wouldn't normally pay this much for a phone case - but if you wanted a phone case design you absolutely couldn't get any other way then Mr Nutcase is certainly somewhere you should consider!

disclaimer - this product was kindly supplied to me by for review purposes on this blog. All opinions are my own and I was not sponsored to write this post. If you are a blogger and are interested in reviewing Mr Nutcase do email

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