Friday, 16 May 2014

struggling with pikachu

The next project/pattern I am working on after my Totoro phone case is a Pikachu phone case. I'm really excited to nail this one - feels like it has a lot of potential. However I am struggling a little bit to get it right - I feel like Ash right from episode 1 of The Indigo League struggling to train Pikachu - and when you get crafts wrong it's not a little disheartening...

Funnily enough I am staying very cheerful :) I think I felt I had such an 'easy' time of creating my Spiderman crochet character and Totoro patterns that it was only natural I should fall down eventually! I know what is the issue - the yarn. I am trying to use up some stash in my projects and I have a bit of a weedy DK yellow which is the ideal colour but less than ideal weight. I like to use a 4/4.5mm hook and this one needs a 3/3.5mm and a difference even as small as that makes a world of difference when you love a certain tool. I did try with the larger hooks but the swatch was way too gappy, and then I switched to a small one and it was too tight. So, as Goldilocks would say, hopefully my third attempt is just right!

Of course I am anything BUT averse to buying more yarn (<3) that would suit my larger hooks better, but I do really need to work through some stash and I am on a bit of a frugal month as I spent (so much) money preparing for Comic Con in July (EXCITED). So every little helps.

So instead I am heeding the advice of (one of my many) knitting bags and watching Firefly to stay upbeat :)

Have you struggled with any crafting recently? Managed to keep calm?

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