Thursday, 29 May 2014

throwback thursday - blankets (and another ongoing project)

Today I'm going to show you some past projects - blankets - again that I completed long before I started this blog. Strictly speaking the first 'blanket' you see is actually a quilt! I got a reeallyy cheap bundle of cream, white, and pink fat quarters from the Creative Craft Show that came to Manchester almost two years ago (hasn't come back - come back please I have money now!) and decided BAM I want to make a quilt.

I also bought some cheap floral fabric for the back of the quilt from E Fabrics and used some patchwork stash fabric for additional squares. The wadding came from Ebay and the edging was some slightly stiffer stash fabric.

This was made over my final year of Uni and before November I had no money and no job, and so I made the quilt you see! It was completely done without a pattern all on my little pink John Lewis sewing machine (love that thing - its small enough that I could take it to Uni while I left my big ol' Brother sewing machine at home). Lots of sewing, laying out pieces, ironing seams etc.

As first attempts go, and in particular without a pattern, I am very proud of it. Obviously with even just an extra year and a half experience under my belt I know I could do a much better job of this. But hey ho - no pattern, just went for it - very good job. If I were to do it now I would use darker colours, more patterns and larger panels, and take my time more slowly.

This second blanket you see is actually a blanket! Made with granny squares that I crocheted over, oh gosh, a period of half-3/4 of a year - it was very easy to lose steam after the first 50 or 60 - and as you can see they all came out different sizes due to the fact that, again, I followed no pattern and just went with it, sticking to a colour scheme as much as I could with my stash and buying more yarn as cheaply as I could (guiiiilty, still at a point where money was thin on the ground).

Again I would made the same comment that I am very proud of this, but with another year under my belt I could do so much better. One day I will find a great pattern and, not thinking of the cost, buy all the correct yarn for gauge etc and get a solid colour scheme going through. I am very proud though of the edging you see above which is just a simple double crochet (US terminology) all round the edging which was the first time I'd ever seen a stitch and thought hm I know what to do with that without googling etc. 

As a self-taught crocheter, not too bad!

And finally this is my ongoing blanket - again I started this over a year ago now and I just knit a square very infrequently when I have a lull in my knitting (right now I have SO many things to make and ideas to develop I reckon I won't be looking at this again for a long time!). It will entirely be made from bits from my stash (no buying extra for this one) and as much as I can get the squares are about 10cm x 10cm. I have no patience when it comes to gauge - bad I know - and so everything is a little wonky again. But it has character and will look amazing draped over a sofa when B and I have a place of our own :) I will finish this one with a crochet border as well.

What do you think of my creations? Soon I'll be getting my beekeepers quilt on here - almost done 10 whole hexipuffs (eesh)!!


  1. Love the crochet blanket!

  2. Gotta love the granny square blanket! I'm crocheting (yet another) one for myself!