Thursday, 1 May 2014

what is your blog all about?

Having spotted this challenge on The Sparkley Panda I read all about it, put my laptop away, thought about it, and the picked my laptop again and thought what the heck - do it!

And so here is my opening post for the Blog Everyday in May #BEDM challenge from Rosalilium and from what I can tell it does exactly what it says on the tin - blog everyday in May! Participants are given a calendar of topics to follow to structure the month and I anticipate following it quite closely in the hopes that I learn more about what sort of topics people like to read on blogs - being myself very new to this blogging game!

So - pretty column is my blog! I began this blog at the end of March 2014 because I have been knitting and crocheting for a few years and want to take my passion to the next step and beginning a craft blog seemed a logical step to me - that and discussions with S at work about her blog- she is much better at me than this - and she inspired me to start one too. And I'm so thankful she inspired me!

So far I have used this blog to share my creations, make one or two new internet friendlies, take part in a craft swap (I have always wanted to do that!), pressure myself to open an Etsy shop (finally!), write patterns (promise to publish ASAP) and I even have a product review coming my way from Fantastic Ribbons!

Basically my blog is about networking with other crafters, reaching out to meet like-minded people, and giving my passion a focal point to re-inspire me in new ways and with any luck this challenge will continue to do so! It is also a GREAT excuse to speak passionately about all the things I love (knitting, crocheting, reading, gaming, geeking, loving) with just the sheer joy of sharing it with someone!

Tomorrow I can't wait to read about some other participants blogs and hope to spread the internet lovin'!
What is your blog about - and are you taking part in any challenges too?


  1. I'm taking part in BEDM too - it's always fun to see how other people interpret the prompts! It's also nice to make new blog friends :)

    Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts!

    Jane x

    1. Thanks Jane :) yeah it has been fascinating to see how some people define the prompts, and this first prompt clearly a stroke of genius as it has certainly helped me to find blogs I'm interested in easily!
      Yours too! xx

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you're taking part. I can't wait to read more x

    1. I'm giving your first post the credit for inspiring me ^^ looking forward to yours too - it feels like we have an interetsing month ahead of us :) xx

  3. Love your blog. I'm taking part at #BEDM too :)
    Michela xx

    1. Thanks Michela ^^ I'll have a read through of your posts too!
      :) Jenny xx