Tuesday, 24 June 2014

blossom's knitty night

So yesterday I ventured further into the world of knitting in public (I always do this on the train and in coffee shops on my own/with friends - did you also know that two Saturdays ago was World Wide Knit in Public day?) and joined my very very very first knitting group!

I've been wanting to join a knitting group for ages (and I mean ages) but turns out 95% of all knitting groups occur during normal working hours (statistics not necessarily accurate). I was on the verge of starting my own out of pure desperation, but after hundreds of Google searches and some help on a local craft Facebook group I stumbled across Blossom's Knitty Night.

This is a fortnightly knitting group hosted at The Blossoms, a pub within walking distance from my house in Davenport, Stockport. It's 50p to join in (and the obligatory drink from the bar of course) and the 50p goes towards a small raffle, where the prize is normally a knitting/crochet magazine (sweet!).

This was my first time at a knitting group - and I LOVED IT!!! I was immediately made to feel so welcome and after half an hour I was chatting away and all of a sudden it was 10 o'clock and time to go home! I really was made to feel so so welcome instantly and I chatted with the ladies as if we were old friends (except that we constantly forgot each others names - but that made it more fun). Knitting and chatting in a pub - what better way to make a Monday splendid?

I was the youngest lady there (and I think the only one without children!), but I was made to feel part of the 'gang' so easily and I simply can't WAIT to get in stuck in with every meet up :) I have nothing negative to say, except, £1 for a lime & soda? What a joke, I'm sticking to the Coke!

i got 2 hexipuffs finished - was chatting too much :D
 Do you join in with a crafting group? What do you think of them? And if you live in the Stockport area and want to join in a knitting/crochet group I couldn't recommend Blossom's Knitty Night enough! The next meet up I believe is 7 July at 7pm.


  1. Ooh I keep meaning to get some of that multi coloured wool for my hexies! Glad you found a suitable group, I know what you mean about the times being not very suitable for us working folks! :)

    1. i highly recommend it, the pastel one you see in the picture is my absolute favourtie to make hexies with so far :) little on the pricey side but you can feel the difference in the finish (bought from Hobbycraft, Regia 4fold). yeah it was so frustrating but so thankful i found a group finally :) jenny xx

  2. There's an awesome knitting group at my LYS on a Thursday night that I try to make it along to, everyone is always so friendly and we all take treats and wine along to share. I'm glad you found a great group near you, x

    1. oh that's splendid! knitting groups really are an amazing idea/invention/thing :) particularly now that knitting is really popular again but still on the rise really. wine and treats yum yum - jenny xx