Saturday, 7 June 2014

further preparations for MCM Manchester Comi Con

Hello again lovely readers! Sorry for the short break, but after #BEDM and timing so nicely with my trip to Paris with M it seemed a good time to have a little break and not worry about what posts to write :)

Once I sort out my pictures from Paris I will share one or two with you - unfortunately while I was there I had flu and so wasn't up to having my picture taken with the monuments boo, but I still managed a couple - and so instead I will share what I got up to today with friend B which was adjusting her costume for Comic Con next month! She will be the gorgeous Cersei Lannister

pintrest helped a lot!
Foolishly I forgot to take a picture of the dress before we adjusted it. So once B sends me a link to the original dress I will link it here for you to see. (UPDATE - link to pin here) The dress B bought was a shapeless kimono style wrap-dress. It is made of a beautiful red fabric with gold trim and has all the right drop and weight, but there was no shape to the waist and the sleeves, although supposed to be large, were HUGE.

So the list of adjustments we needed to make together (we who have no significant dress-making/adjustment experiences between the two of us) was as follows
  • hem the bottom as it was the standard length of 'super-tall' and B is shorter than me
  • take in the waist 
  • take in the sleeves to the elbow so we can see the shape of the arms
  • take off a lot of the excess sleeve material so as to be shaped more like Cersei's dress in the above Pintrest shot
Needless to say I balked slightly at this list - I didn't know it would be such a huge job and there really are no how-to-adjust-kimono-style-dress tutorials online.

The closest we could get to was this brief explanation on WikiHow of how to bring in a waist on a dress. Funnily enough it was brilliant! Simple, straight forward, and no fuss on how to adjust a dress waist (definite two person job by the way!) and we were able to apply the same principles to the sleeves as well.

lots of inside-out pinning and tacking - very important!
and lots of right-side-out trying on to check tacking and sewing!
shapely waist and proper sleeves!
super pleased with the end result!

We were so so so pleased with our hard work (and we had a well deserved tea-break half way through). I was planning on fixing my Belle outfit for the weekend but we spent all afternoon on this and I am sewn-out so will get to work on that later in the week! But I was more than happy to :)

B is going to add some gold embroidery detail to the fabric, bring in the gold trim a bit so it is slimmer, and fix the belt that she bought to go with it, and will pop round again to borrow the machine if any other changes need to be made, but we are so pleased with our accomplished afternoon! And if you need to bring in the waist on any dresses of yours I can't recommend the tutorial highly enough!


  1. Love it! Am very impressed by ur alterations. Its daunting first time round but u girls did a great job xx

    1. thanks so much! it was sooo daunting you're right, but I feel much more confident about even adjusting everyday clothes now :) worth taking the leap! jenny xx