Saturday, 14 June 2014

may #dicraftswap - 'geek'

Time for the second #DICraftSwap update! This was the second month of the craft swap that Hannah over on Dainty and Ivory has so wonderfully organised and this May's theme was GEEK. Interestingly enough what I sent and what I received were not exactly the 'geek theme' I had personally envisioned (action heros, comic books etc). Having said this I was thoroughly impressed both with what I sent and what I received and love it all :)
what i sent!
I was given Hannah over on Cupcake Mumma (a really lovely blog - do have a look her posts are honest and interesting) and her geek loves are postcards, writing letters, and history - specifically the Tudor period, right through to the second World War. It was the Tudor theme that jumped out at me personally (just been reading some Phillipa Gregory!) but I must admit I was utterly stumped as to what to make. Luckily Ravelry never fails me and I found this excellent Tudor Rose crochet pattern. Nothing is quite as symbolic as the time as the Rose and so I made 10 and created a flower garland that hopefully Hannah likes and will be able to hang over her history books or perhaps a shelf!

I also included a parchment writing pad from Paperchase (combining history and Hannah's love of letter writing) along with some Paperchase stars for her card-making, and a woven bookmark that too reminded me of the Tudor period - hopefully she likes it all! 

what i received!
Lauren at OhHay! Blogs was given my information and this is what she sent to me. I mentioned that pastel colours were my favourite and that's what she picked up on in my gifts. She sent me some handmade badges with a lovely deer and rabbit on them, a laser-cut keyring and a bracelet. She also sent me some washi tape (I've always wanted to try this tape out so quite excited about this!), some pretty-pink stationary and a really gorgeous pastel blue notepad that I already have some future blog post's planned in! Thanks Lauren :)

The June theme was chosen by me (how exciting!) as Hannah had asked for ideas, and the theme is BOOKS. I have lots of ideas for this one already - going to reach out of the box and probably not crochet this time - and can't wait to get the info for it! If you would like to sign up you have until TOMORROW (argh good thing I got this post up!) and you can find all the information you need here on Hannah's blog. Hope you sign up!

Tomorrow I am investigating a handmade craft fair in Stockport town centre, and I can finally share with you what I made my dad for Father's Day - hope to share lovely pictures with you :)


  1. I also thought the geek theme would have been more comic heroes etc. related! But I love seeing how we all interpret the themes! I love the Tudor idea you went with and that crochet is gorgeous!
    Really excited about this months theme! I'm glad you suggested books, its perfect.


  2. So true about seeing people's interpretations - adds an excellent dynamic to the swap :) thanks I was really quite pleased with how it turned out in the end! I'm excited too, the different interpretations are going to be vast I'm sure! jenny xx