Wednesday, 18 June 2014

#worldcupcraft challenge!

Have you been watching or avoiding the world cup? Either way I have a challenge to share with you!

I have accidentally set myself a world cup knitting challenge - to complete my practice cardigan by the final on 13 July. I decided to make this a challenge as this project has become my go-to when the football is on - I've been enjoying the world cup much more than I realised I would, and it provides perfect 90minute slots for me to knit within!

knitting watching football :)

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I have already completed the back panel of the cardigan (for your information I am following a nice simple pattern from Lion Brand Yarn ) and so now I have decided this is my challenge - to complete knitting my cardigan by the final of the world cup on 13 July.

This is a very informal challenge, but having set it for myself I want to share it with any craft bloggers who would like to join in :) and I mean it is very informal! Here are the light rules I have set for the challenge
  • Please comment on this post with any questions/if you want to join in with blog links!
  • you must complete a medium to large craft project (does not have to be knitting although knitting is ideal :) ) no later than 13 July
  • you may define medium/large as you fit - basically don't do a small one! for example, I am knitting a cardigan!
  • this project can either be a new project or a WIP that you need to be spurred to finish - this would be ideal if you are participating in the Dainty and Ivory craft swap  (even though we already have an earlier deadline, might be fun and encourage you to make something larger?)
  • please write a blog post with your intention and the project you are undertaking for the challenge linking to this post
  • please write a final blog post with your completed project (or as far as you got) preferably linking back to this blog, but I don't mind!
  • I will post a link to participant's blogs below, and links to completed blog posts in the final post

So - whether you are avoiding the world cup or enjoying it, fancy this craft along? I would love to have anyone and everyone join in, and like I said all very informal! Finally if you post on social media I propose the hash tag #worldcupcraft (worldcupcraftchallenge is a bit long). Hope to hear from you soon!

Lovely participants!
Charlotte - It started out with a stitch 
Elise - Foof & Faff


  1. I am definitely doing this as a push to finish my embroidery project. Won't be able to put too may details because it's a surprise for someone I know sometimes reads my blog! It does however fit very well to this! Looking forward to seeing your finished cardigan!

    1. splendid news charlotte :) oo can't wait to see your embroidery project too, that will add to the mystery and excitement :) tweet me a link to your opening post? jenny xx

  2. I will have to do this, I have a few things I need to finish!!

    1. Perfect reason to then :) tweet me when you post and I'll get you linked in :) what are you going to work on? jenny xx