Sunday, 29 June 2014

#worldcupcraft update!

Hey lovelies - I've been a little more quiet on the blog/twitter/facebook front than I meant to these past few days; I got super distracted finalising my Pikachu phone case (so pleased - in the process of typing a pattern to share with you all very soon! and to get it on Etsy!) and also just had a few 'odd' days...but I shan't bore you with the details as now I've just had a bath and feeling back on track.

With 2 weeks to go until the final of the World Cup (what a strange World Cup it has been!) I thought I had best give you an update of how my #worldcupcraft challenge is going. 

back panel
front panels
beginning of the first sleeve
I am following a Lion Brand Yarn cardigan pattern - My First Raglan Cardigan - and I intend this to be a thorough practise of my garment knitting/measuring/finishing skills, having made 3 jumpers in the past and none of which fit! I am using stash yarn (hence the different colours) so as not to spend any money on the practise (I've been buying plenty of other yarn though...*looks sheepish*) and so far I have a good feeling about this one! The pattern is easy to follow and not patronising - I am concerned slightly on the sizing as I always am when reading American patterns - my measurements suggest I am an XS, which I'm not convinced by, but a S looks way too big so fingers crossed for the XS!

Charlotte, from over on It started out with a stitch.... has already completed her #worldcupcraft challenge project! An absolutely beautiful embroidered cushion cover which you can read about here.

What do you think of the work I have done so far? Do you have any practise projects yourself, or perhaps you can share some garment knitting wisdom with me!

Finally if you have a project you need to get finished and think a 2 week deadline would help encourage you, why not read about my challenge here and join in - I have a lot of work ahead of me... :)

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