Sunday, 13 July 2014

#dicraftswap - books

This month's #dicraftswap (as usual organised by the wonderful blogger Hannah over on Dainty and Ivory) was based on books - a theme suggested by me! I've noticed most bloggers seem to really like reading, books, and snail mail (both ironic and not if you get my meaning) and so a theme of books was what first popped into my head when Hannah sent out an email asking for ideas. 

And then funnily enough I drew a blank when it came to deciding what to make! Particularly strange as I was given Cate (see her lovely blog here) and her taste in books is really just like mine; magical, adventure, something you can get lost in, and just anything really! But I had said I wanted to try and move away from crochet for this one (see my posts on the first two crocheted swaps I took part in here and here) and so I put together a pinterest board on book crafts and racked my brains.

I decided to partake in some classic decoupage and upcylce a plain notebook with an old book that was falling apart and no one had ever read in my house. Seriously, please don't hate me, it was called The Pilgrim's Journey and it was know? I covered the book then with some glittery Mod Podge - an american pva based glue used for finishing or for sticking; I found some glittery stuff and had to use it! I then edged the covers with some washi tape (as a matter of fact I received in my last craft swap!) to try and give it a pretty finish - what do you think?

Then I realised I really couldn't not crochet, it seems to be a theme with me! I crocheted these two small flat dragon motifs to try and appeal to Cate's like of magic/adventure - and also dragon's are cool - and hopefully she can use them in her patchworking or scrapbooking, which she said she would like to get into.

Finally for the bought gifts I got a flowery notebook, again sticking with the book theme, in case one wasn't enough! And also a bundle of fat quarters as Cate said she likes patchwork and I hope she can make something with the very pretty fabric (which I very much almost bought for myself as well!)

I hope she likes them all!

I received, from Sarah-Jane over at Just a Crafty Mama two GORGEOUS goodies!

She made this brilliant book bag which combines my love of Star Wars and comics all into one - it is absolutely brilliant and I can't wait to fill it with the books I'm reading and take it to work and show it off (to those who haven't watched Star Wars...don't get me started...). She also sent me the Star Wars Craft Book - wow, just wow! I am SO excited to make some things from this, in particular the crochet R2-D2 hat! :D

I am happy to report the book bag work's excellently!

Thank you so much Sarah-Jane! And I really hope you like your goodies Cate! If you are interested in taking part in the next #dicraftswap, this month's theme is DISNEY (wahoo!!!) and you should email Hannah at before the 15th! Get those emails in ASAP! :)


  1. Oh my, not only what you have made is gorgeous (and don't feel bad about tearing a book up!) those Dragons are awesome!! but being a Star Wars fan I am extremely jealous of the gifts you have received. Amazing!

    1. I totally did a little cheer when I opened the package - Star Wars is soooooooo amazing :D and the bag is such a lovely little bag which is great for books and little knitting projects :) thanks! jenny xx

  2. I do love my goodies Jenny, thank you! x

    1. I'm so glad you do - there is always that worry doing the craft swap as to whether what I've made is good enough, so far I think it seems to be going well :) jenny xxx

  3. Glad up liked it hun :) hopefully up have a blast making some star wars goodies for yourself xxx