Sunday, 27 July 2014

idea-list #3

Ever since MCM Comic Con (well, since forever really but at a heightened level since last weekend!) I've been keeping my eye out for excellent geeky crafts I can get my hands on! You can see my ever growing list on my geeky crafts Pinterest board - full of craft projects and general inspiration.
pinned from xstitchmyheart
pinned from xstitchmyheart

 These patterns are just a sample of the many on offer from XStitchMyHeart which I found on Pinterest. Unfortunately you can't buy the patterns from her Etsy shop anymore as it has closed down - however you can email her ( and she will sell them to you via PayPal - because of my interest in 3 patterns I am getting a '3 for £6' deal which isn't too bad! I want to buy more but I treated myself to a number of patterns this weekend already ...

image source ragingstitches
RagingStitches' Etsy shop is full of fun/cheeky patterns such as the naughty Disney princesses one above! I spotted this on her Intsagram page and new immediately I needed it! I finally treated myself this weekend as I am finding some great ideas for the Disney DICraftSwap

pinned from happycupcakecreation
Another Etsy shop that I will be shopping at very soon filled with excellent cross stitch patterns - HappyCupcakeCreation has LOADS that I have my eye one - too many to buy them all (until pay day at least) and to share, I would really recommend having a nosey for any geeky cross stitch fans.

pinned from here
I've had my eyes on these Totoro mittens ever since I learned to knit 2 years ago but they require double knitting which I still haven't really had a go at. However I have made huge strides in my knitting over the past few months and so this Autumn I think it will finally be time! You can find the pattern from free over on Ravelry.


  1. Totoro, yes!!! I'm off to pinterest now to root through more of your excellent finds! x

    1. hehe thanks Cate - i LOVE totoro i hope you like my totoro board :D jenny xx

  2. I love all these cross stitch patterns! Soooo cute x