Tuesday, 29 July 2014

in pictures at mcm comic con - manchester 19-20 july

PICTURE TIME :) here are a few of my favourite pictures from last weekend at MCM Comic Con (you can read about the con here). If you want to see all of the pictures I took why not mosey on over to my blog's Facebook page!

WARNING this is a pic heavy post so I'm sorry if it loads slowly.

on our way on saturday morning
i'm the star of this game!
lulu & auron FFX
riku FFX-2
serah FFXIII-2
storm troopers - star wars
connor - assassins creed 3
sora - kingdom hearts 2
goku - dragon ball z
metal gear solid
squall - FFVIII
sephiroth - FFVII
freya - FFIX
metal gear solid
fran - FFXII
weekend pass & day stamp
queueing on sunday morning
cloud - FFVII
cloud & belle & cersei :)
john snow, margary tyrell - game of thrones
dr who x2
red gyarados
metal gear solid (i think)
mal - firefly
getting tired now
elsa, anna - frozen
rapunzel - tangled
jack frost - rise of the guardians
elsa - frozen
jango fett - star wars
teenage mutant ninja turtles