Wednesday, 2 July 2014

mollie makes blogging

mollie makes blogging - gets my stamp of approval!
Mollie Makes Blogging; The Big Guide To Creative Content (Future, 2014) £9.99

A couple of weeks ago I spotted this magazine/bookazine on Leanne's (of the wonderful Knit Me a Cake) twitter and instantly thought THAT is what I need. I ordered it online and on Saturday it arrived.

I've never read anything by Mollie Makes, but after having read this cover to cover (and let me just tell  you, I never read everything in a magazine, I skip so much! But I didn't skip ANYTHING in this marvel) I really think I will try one or two of their other magazines. However I'm offering a review of this bumper guide and so I should stick to it.

Mollie Makes Blogging is a wonderfully thought out, authentic, visual guide to help you with blogging. The magazine has a clear contents page, easy to navigate sections (so I can delve back to the sections/hints later when it comes to fine tuning this plot of internet), honest reviews of software (free and paid for) and blogging platforms, inspirational blogs that the team at Mollie Makes like to read, and interviews/visual tours with some successful bloggers you may already know about (such as A Beautiful Mess) as well as other snippets, tid-bits, and chatty pieces.

It is 180 pages of positive, energetic and authentic writing that promises to inspire you with links and hints - but I must say the simple act of reading the magazine was inspiration itself! I don't mean to gush - but I can't help it, I really rate this magazine 10/10 for anyone who loves to blog and wants to make it that much cleaner/more exciting.

sections of the magazine are broken up according to relevance, with great visuals
My favourite bits about the magazine are;
  • My Favourite Blogs (writers/contributor to the magazine give 3 of their favourite blogs, instantly giving you some new places to explore on the blogosphere)
  • the fact that the magazine gives you business tips if you want to take blogging to a money-making level, but also plenty if you just want to make it into a more serious/structured creative outlet for yourself
  • the authenticity and positivity of the writing - there really is no negativity in the magazine which makes it a joy to read, but all the way you believe the convictions of the writers
  • the inspiration from reading, and the ideas
  • glossary of technical terms - THIS is amazingly helpful
  • being directed to genuinely useful websites/app/tutorials - such as the A Beautiful Mess app, picture below - an invaluable photography app that, at 69p, is a bargain and really makes a difference to your pictures!

this app will quickly become invaluable to my blogging!
If I had any critiques about the magazine they would just be that there are a few pages devoted to how to navigate Wordpress (as the most popular blogging platform) and I would have liked to read some more about Blogger (as it is the second most popular, and my platform of choice!). I also, being relatively new to blogging, had no idea what SEO meant- turns out it is search engine optimisation - and it took a few mentions in the magazine before it was defined (would help if it were earlier!)

Having said this, I can't recommend this magazine highly enough (I am letting Sophie - What Sophie Said - who I work with borrow it this afternoon!) and just to give you an idea of the vastness of what you can learn from this, I'll finish with a little to-do list for my blog -

  • pictures - I will consciously put in a lot more effort to get my pictures as visually pleasing as if I had found them on pinterest, using white/crisp backgrounds, natural light, and even try my hand at making a mini studio (instructions in the magazine!)
  • consider developing a more secure/solid theme for my blog such as exclusively crafts and no geekery....but also balance with my passions..which includes geekery
  • plan and schedule posts more rigidly
  • invest in a logo and layout from Etsy - but let this grow naturally and don't rush it so I can keep the love in my blog :) 

Rest assured however there is all this and more to be found in the magazine! I really can't recommended this enough!

Do you think you will buy this magazine for your blog? Do you have it already and love it as much as I do?


  1. I've been erming and ahhing over this but I think after reading this I will have to get it. Sounds really helpful! (And personally I enjoy the geeky bits of tour blog) xx

  2. I really do think you should - a great small investment and so creative, think of it as a book and it makes the money seem better :) should stay relevant for a while too! oo thanks I will probably keep on geeking it up :) jenny xx

  3. It has been brought! Thanks so much for this. It definitely helped when it came round to deciding where or not to get it x

    1. wahoo I hope you find it as inspiring as I did :) hopefully I will start implementing the tips I learned from it properly - famous last words eh? :) jenny xxx

  4. I've been ummming and arhhhing too. I think I might purchase it after your review. I'm a blogger based blog too and agree with your comments. Xx

    1. excellent :) I'm glad I've helped people decide to get this, it really is a marvellous little helper with blogging! incidentally is your blog on bloglovin? (thanks for following me by the way!) i couldn't spot your blog I don't think - url? :) jenny xx

    2. Yep it is www.little bohemian unfortunately the mag is now sold out! Xx

    3. oh no! even online? lame lame :( xx