Thursday, 31 July 2014

my first loot crate - july, villains

Undoubtedly you lovely people have noticed that recently my blog has been heavy on the 'geek' aspect - I hope you don't mind, I'm basking in the nerdalicious wave of fandom and geekness of the past couple of weeks - but where I can I am still getting all my crafting done (geek themed of course currently) but all my projects are either a) currently secret, or b) in progress. So here to share with you again is my first ever LootCrate!

I first heard about this brilliant phenomenon on two of my favourite blogs - Dainty and Ivory and The Sparkly Panda - and if you don't know what LootCrate don't worry, neither did I when I first read about it! Basically it is a monthly subscription box filled with geeky-goodies worth more than the cost to subscribe. Based in the United States, LootCrate deliver to many countries across the world (including the UK of course) and each month follows a 'theme'.

July's theme sold me finally as I had been mm-ing and ah-ing about this for months now - but the promise of VILLAINS, with an exclusive t-shirt and a LootCrate only comic book up for grabs, how could I say no.

LootCrate are huge on social media, and the box encourages you to document your 'opening of your loot' - but being my first I was too darned excited to do that! Next time, promise (as of course I will carry on with this splendid box!). 

This month's loot included - a 'Joki' t-shirt (mash-up of Batman and Thor villains - perfect); a pair of Deadpool socks; a Bowzer magnet; a Darth Vader key ring (SCORE); a DVD documentary on the neccesity of evil in stories (a documentary for goodness sake, that's a brilliant idea!!); a poster of Harley Quinn and the Joke; exclusive Marvel Rocket Raccoon comic.

And let's not forget the custom box which made me chuckle a lot and caused not a few funny looks from B - though of course I saw the jealousy in his eyes too as the t-shirt won't fit him, mua ha ha.

I am THOROUGHLY impressed with LootCrate and simply cannot wait for next month's theme, the only theme that could beat villains - HEROES. If you are interested in LootCrate and haven't already subscribed why not head on over to their website and use the code 'HEROES' for a 10% discount on your first box! There are rumours of an exclusive POP! figure in August's box...

Do you get LootCrate? Were you happy too with the loot this month? :)


  1. The Villain box was my first one too! I'm really excited to see what is in the Heroes box!

    1. oooo we entered the Loot universe together, I like it :) me too, very excited :) jenny xx

  2. Love it!!! I'm so excited for this months and the Pop! figure!