Tuesday, 15 July 2014

#worldcupcraft - the final!

the sun came out for pictures on an unwashed hair day

10 minutes before kick-off - Half a button band and some sewing up to complete during the final! I can do this! #worldcupcraft…

Half time - still knitting the buttonhole band furiously! 

90 minute whistle - button bands complete, sleeve seams sewn, just side seams to go and some buttons

Full time - Germany winners and #wordlcupcraft completed! Phew! Technically buttons still to be added but I'm calling it :) 

Success! I completed my cardigan which I set as my #worldcupcraft challenge before the full-time whistle on Sunday evening. And it FITS - the first ever garment that I have knitted that I haven't unravelled (or wanted to) afterwards. Yahoo!

I started knitting the cardigan in June while watching the World Cup to a) to use up some stash yarn, b) have something to do during the football, and c) to really practice my garment knitting properly as I have always wanted to knit jumpers - it is why I learnt to knit in the first place, who doesn't want to knit a jumper - and ave never got it right.And by using stash yarn it meant that if it went horribly wrong I didn't spend any money on it.

And once I started and got a good speed on my knitting, I wanted to set myself a challenge and ask anyone else to join in if they wanted - Elise and Charlotte joined in, see their finished products in the links at the bottom of this post!
I am so so pleased with the result, and pleasantly surprised at how good the cardigan fits and even looks, particularly as so many difference yarns were used - sitting on the floor surrounded by a mountain of yarn evidently paid off when choosing the colours!

The important things I learned that everyone should heed when they attempt to knit garments

  • gauge is SO important! My knitting is very tight and so I needed to move from 5mm needles to 5.5mm needles and it clearly was very very important. In the past I've been stubborn and stuck with the needles suggested by the pattern, but it is well worth sorting your gauge and you will get the correct measurements. 
  • take your measurements over and over again to make sure you are right - I was really concerned when my measurements put me as an XS on the pattern, but turns out re-checking paid off and the XS fits perfectly :) 
  • blocking your knitting is important - there is so much more to it than ironing to help you sew seams (I will get a blocking tutorial up later this week, so so important and satisfying!) 
If you have any garment knitting tips please share them! And what do you think of my cardigan?

The other lovely participants!

Elise over on Foof & Faff joined in and finished a knitted chevron baby blanket - and it is GORGEOUS, the colours are divine the finished project looks absolutely magnificent. Check out her finished post here and do tell her how lovely that blanket/the whole blog is. 

Charlotte over on It started out with a stitch (that blog name will always always make me smile and sing it out loud when I read it) was working on a secret embroidery gift for a friend when she joined in and she absolutely smashed the deadline with a wonderful and intricate embroidered cushion cover celebrating her friend's travels! Check out her finished post here and admire that cushion, and also look over her lovely blog filled with crocheted goodness :) 

I will definitely set myself another challenge like this next time something big comes along (will give the commonwealth games a miss though I think, need some un-pressured knitting first!) and I hope you will join in too :) 


  1. Aw thanks! I totally love your cardigan - I'm not usually a pink fan but these colours look great together, I may have to have a go at the pattern! (I still haven't learned to block anything tho, looking forward to the guide!)

    1. wahoo thanks Elise :) the pattern is great, really straight forward but the finished product looks, if I do say so myself, rather good as plain cardigans go. I might knit it again but treat myself to one colour haha jenny xx

  2. This cardigan is amazing, it definitely doesn't look like the wool just came from your stash. You should have told us that you spent hours in a shop picking the exact right wool haha. I think I'm going to have to start crocheting more clothes, but the only ones I've ever finished are baby ones! Well done to us all for finishing on time :)

    1. hehe thank you so much Charlotte :D oo I would love to crochet some clothes, I have my eye on trying a granny square jacket.. :p indeed, huzzah to us all! lets meet up in a virtual pub to celebrate :) jenny xx

  3. Didn't you do awesome! I love how it looks, you knitting people are so clever, I always admire how amazing they come out. Great job! x

    1. :D thanks Rhiannon! It only took 4 attempts at garment knitting to get there...but when you really want something :p jenny xx