Friday, 15 August 2014

crafting on instagram

I've been focussing so much on crafting lately that my blog has been a little bit on the back burner - but when you see what I have been getting up to I am sure (hope!) that you will forgive me - when you get the creative bug it is very very hard to do anything else :) 

What do you think to Rusty the Squirrel? He came in September's issue of Let's Knit magazine and he was too adorable not to make! I sent him to Hannah as a thank you for letting me try out some Sugru she had going spare!

The Great British Bake off started again last week, and in honour of that happy occasion I made coffee cupcakes with my own recipe out of my head! I have it on good authority that they were very tasty.

Hannah's #DICraftSwap is one of my favourite things to work on every month, and July's theme was Disney. Lauren (my recipient) said she like Mulan and I had a lot of fun embroidering a small book bag for her alongside a Mulan silhouette.

I am up to 42 hexipuffs now! Nothing is sewn together yet, but laying them all out on my bed was incredibly satisfying. I am happy to say they are all looking rather good and my beekeepers quilt will be ace.

I've been commissioned to do a 'secret' project for someone which involves the fair isle knitting technique, also known as stranded knitting. I am glad I put some practice in before I get started on the project proper because I have a lot of work to do on my tension!

Following the first episode of GBBO I caught the baking bug again and had to make these Paul Hollywood blueberry muffins - again I have it on good authority that they were tasty.

Finally, my proudest project this month so far has to be finally completing my Samurott cross stitch that I began over a year ago! What do you think? Once I got into the flow I had to start a Ninetails picture too. Hopefully that will take a lot less than a year to finish...

If you like these pictures or just general crafty goodness, why not follow me on Instagram and lets look at lovely pictures through filters together :)

What have you been crafting recently?


  1. I started a bee keepers quilt a few years ago. I'm not sure what happened to it! I didn't finish it and don't know where the hexies are!

    I've just followed you on Instagram. I'm always posting my latest projects.


    1. hehe oh no - i wonder if they will turn up or if thats just that...? :) thanks for the follow, i love crafty pictures! jenny xx

  2. Wow you have been busy!! Love the bee!!

    1. thanks Clare - it is very difficult getting fair isle knitting right with cotton!! but i am persevering :) jenny xx

  3. You've been so busy and I loved what you have made (especially Rusty!) due to decorating I haven't done much crafting but I can't wait to get started again, I've missed it!!

    1. yay for Rusty :) oh i bet you are looking forward to it :) i hope the decorating is splendid - Im sure it is from the sneak preview pictures! jenny xx