Sunday, 14 September 2014

#dicraftswap - kawaii

It's that time again to share what I made and received for this month's #DICraftSwap! Every month Hannah over on Dainty and Ivory sets a theme for her craft swap which seems to be growing quite happily! We all give our answers to some set questions by the 15th of the month, and then Hannah uses that to set us up with those who we will send to, and those who will send to us (always different and secret unless you choose to get in touch!). We then post at least one handmade item and one bought itemed valued at £3 or more by the 10th of the next month. If you've been reading up on the craft swaps on here why not join in! There is still time to sign up for this month's theme VINTAGE/RETRO - just drop Hannah a tweet or get in touch on her blog and join in!

This month's theme was KAWAII - which in the context of Japanese pop culture mean's cute, but more specifically over time it has come to conjure images of Hello Kitty, Japanese candies, manga, anime, amigurumi and things like that (you could always have a nosey at my Amigurmi/Kawaii Pinterest board to see the inspiration for this swap and just some of the kawaii things I like the most!)

I was asked to send to Kat this month - a self confessed crafting newbie who blogs about her days and her family on her blog Kat Sighs... She expressed a love for Hello Kitty, Japanese candies, and stationary -  I hope she liked everything!

What do you think? The ice-cream and Hello Kitty plushes are crocheted using yarn from my stash - patterns can be found by clicking on the names above! - and are just rather cute, and for me really invoke the spirit of kawaii, wouldn't you agree?

The Hello Kitty marshmallow pop is from Primark (one of those things by the till that I snapped up pronto!) and the stationary is from this fabulous shop on Ebay (I may or may not have bought myself some goodies as well...shh). I folded some paper cranes. to put in the box when posting as well, but neglected to snap a photo as I did it midnight on a work night - oops!

I had so much fun making and putting this month's swap together - I'm torn between this and the Disney swap as a favourite! Though the items I received from Gayle - who blogs over on Pink Robot - might might might have just swayed my favour, as it is clear she put such great effort into it and I LOVE IT ALL.

Everything was so beautifully packaged in a wonderfully hand painted Totoro box - I cannot wait to use the box to store my WIPs in!! The presentation of everything this month was absolutely exquisite, I had to exercise all my self-control to take pictures before I ripped everything open giddily!

I was sent such an array of cute goodies that I took dozens of pictures but really had to limit myself on which ones to share with you seeing as this post is a good long one. I was sent a crochet dinosaur/dragon, some cute button pegs, a tea towel, handmade greetings cards, a tub of beads, some felt plush kawaii candies, a sweet paper clip, some stationary, printed fun tutorials (for example on how to draw Pikachu), and a pair of earrings from Gayles shop! Everything is just so gorgeous and nothing beats opening a goody-box filled with beautiful and thoughtful things - thank you so much Gayle! (little note, my ears aren't pierced so I hope Gayle won't mind that I passed the lovely earrings onto a friend who I knew would love them, and she does, and I was sure to tell her where they were from!!)

If you are interested in joining in the #DICraftswap get in touch with Hannah using the links at the top of this post before the 15th - tomorrow! Or if you would like to know more about the swap, why not read some of my past posts on it? Click on the themes to read more - DISNEY, BOOKS, GEEK and SPRING/SPRING


  1. Your chochet is just so beautiful and I love the dragon you was sent! Can't wait for mine, I think this one has been my favourite so far!!

    1. thank you Hannah :) I know isn't the dragon adorable?! hope yours has arrived by now? jenny xx

  2. I absolutely love everything in my parcel, thank you so much! My favourite is the Hello Kitty you made. I have put her in a safe place away from my boys as they took a special interest in her too. Thank you sooo much xx

    1. yahoo :D I'm so glad you liked it! ooh I'm really glad I made the Hello Kitty if thats the case :) hehe oh I'm quite flattered if they took an interest too :) my absolute pleasure, I hope you can keep joining in the craft swap! jenny xx