Sunday, 7 September 2014

idea-list #8

Here is the promised second idea-list all to do with CHRISTMAS crafts! (I'm by no means promising it will ONLY be two mind you :) ) I've officially started knitting my Christmas presents and I am getting giddy already! And I've tried to plan much better this year with getting my bum in gear so I feel like it will be a good less-stressful-but-not-quite-stress-free Christmas :)

Also, does it make it more suitable now that it is September? Though I don't know about where you are, but here in Greater Manchester Autumn seems to be reverting somewhat in to Summer...BUT I WANT AUTUMN...ok, back to business!

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Last year I really got into knitting mini Christmas stockings for decoration and also little gifts to give away, but I wasn't very experimental with pattern-work. These stockings really inspire me and they use the traditional colours so well! You can also find so many more free knitting patterns on the website it came from - Little Cotton Rabbits (what a name!)

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I LOVE granny squares - so easy and beautiful when done well - and these simple-enough-looking stockings really look effective. They could be personalised in the recipients favourite colour or in traditional Christmas colours. Although the above image doesn't have a corresponding pattern, it looks fairly simple to copy, or I am sure there are plenty to be found on Ravelry!

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I really fell in love with these knitted Christmas decorations when my friend M started knitting them they year she taught me how to knit (the best thing that ever happened to me - besides B of course!) and she used a wonderful book, 55 Christmas Balls to Knit. They are all knitted in the round which has always frightened me a little, but now I know how to knit in the round this is the year I buy the book and get knitting!

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This doesn't necessarily inspire me to craft (though if I can get my paper crafting skills improved I would imitate this!) but doesn't the fun style just get you excited for Christmas?! Though I'm well excited already...

If you want some Christmas inspiration, follow my Christmas Crafts board on Pinterest and lets get giddily excited together! Having done this post - fairly certain there will be one or two more - fair warning!

Have you started making your Christmas gifts yet?


  1. That's the thing with wanting to make hand made presents, you need to start quite far in advance! Lots of my friends are turning 30 this academic year, so there are quite a few special presents to be made. I've found a pattern for crochet baubles, and so I think they're going to be stocking fillers as they are ridiculously addictive to make. They're a great stash-buster as well, using yarn I already have, so that's a bit of a bonus. Looking forward to seeing what else you're making!

    1. I know right - I always leave it too late, but not this year! i hope anyway ... oh gosh you will be busy! ooo crochet baubles, thats a neat idea, will be faster than the knitted baubles I wanted to make! I shall look them up too as I need a good stash buster and stocking filler present - thanks for he heads up :) jenny xx