Thursday, 2 October 2014

chunky cable knit headband - free knitting pattern

thanks to my gorgeous sister for modelling!
I actually wrote this pattern months and months ago, but it was not long after last Christmas and I decided there wouldn't be much demand for a headband pattern. However with the days (finally) getting colder and Christmas on the horizon it now seems a great time to share with you this really simple and chunky pattern for a cabled headband. It is an ideal pattern for anyone new to cabling as with the large needles and easy cables you can see exactly what is happening as you go, and makes a great fast Christmas present!

Do make sure to read all of  my notes though before you get stuck into the pattern :)

why not knit a dk weight yarn with your chunky to make a nice feathered effect?
9.5 mm knitting needles (or to match tension)
Large cable needle
Chunky yarn – for the pictured headband I used Stylecraft, Life Super Chunky  (shade Moorland)
Large brightly coloured buttons
Tapestry needle & scrap of slim yarn (to attach buttons)

Tension – 9 stitches by 12 rows over a 10cm x 10cm (Tensions for this pattern is not too important as it all depends on how thick you like your headbands)

k = knit
p = purl
slip = slip the next stitch onto the right needle (as if to knit)
C8F = slip 4 stitches to cable needle and hold in front of the work, k4, k4 from cable needle
C8B = slip 4 stitches to cable needle and hold behind the work, k4, k4 from cable needle

Note at the beginning of every row I will tell you to ‘slip 1’, and at the end of every row ‘p1’ – this is to create an even finish along the edge of the knitting; not doing this is really obvious on this particular headband! This is not neccesarry for the rib sections however :)

Note always slip as if to knit


Cast on 16 stitches

Row 1 – *k2, p2* repeat to end to create rib
Row 2-8 – repeat rib pattern
Row 9 – slip1, p1, k12, p2
Row 10 – slip1, k1, p12, k1, p1
Row 11 – slip1, p1, C8F, k4, p2
Row 12 – slip1, k1, p12, k1, p1
Row 13 -16 – repeat rows 9 & 10 twice
Row 17 – slip1, p1, k4, C8B, p2
Row 18 – slip1, k1, p12, k1, p1
Row 19-20 – repeat rows 9 & 10

Rows 9-20 create the cable pattern. Repeat this pattern until the desired length of headband is reached, remembering that you will repeat the rib pattern to complete the headband (my headband shown is 5 complete cable patterns)
Work 8 more rows in *k2, p2* rib pattern

Cast off in rib

To Finish
You can either sew the two ends together to complete the headband, or you can finish with button fastenings which look very effective and are also practical for adjusting headband sizes! Simply sew 2 or 3 large buttons to one end of the headband using the tapestry needle and slim wool (which I personally find more secure than sewing thread) and natural gaps in your knitting create readymade button loops for you to simply push your button through and complete the headband!

thanks to my gorgeous sister for modelling!
You can make this pattern a little more different by knitting with a DK weight or similar yarn along with a chunky weight yarn to create a feathered effect pattern with your knitting very simply!

the buttons will push through natural gaps in the knitting

If you make this headband please do share it with me! You can either do so using the Ravelry pattern page, you can comment on this post, or even email, Tweet or Facebook me!

sister headband selfie!


  1. Ooh fab! I've been swithering over making a headband or a hat with some chunky wool I got on sale, I'll keep this one in mind... :)

    1. ooo what a coinkidink :) if you do make t do please share a picture!! jenny xx