Tuesday, 21 October 2014

#dicraftswap - vintage/retro

crocheted flowers with pipe cleaner stems
Its that time of the month again where I get to share with you the wonderful goodies from the #DICraftSwap - this is always one of my favourite posts to write as the more I take part in this swap the more I come to love planning what I am going to buy and make, the excitement of sending of my swap in the post, as well as of course receiving it, and meeting the lovely like-minded bloggers that take part in this.

Organised as ever by the wonderful Hannah (Dainty and Ivory) this month's theme was VINTAGE/RETRO. I was paired with Claire (Little Bohemium Butterfly) and I was SO excited because we've chatted before and done a craft swap ourselves, and she even just sent me some perfect Marvel Comics postcards as a surprise. 

knitted bird
Claire said she loves birds, floral, nostalgic, stationary and really just as far as I could tell pretty things (but not too much pink!). I've never knitted a small animal yet as I naturally tend to crochet animal shapes, but was determined to give it a go this time and found this pattern for a little knitted bird. The pattern was a little fiddly and worked on double-pointed needles, but I was so happy with the result and Claire said she loved it! I've been toying (later pun intended) with making small knitted animal gifts (bam!) as Christmas presents this year, inspired by this gorgeous idea from Elise at Foof & Faff, and feel much more confident in doing that now.

they make a bunch of everlasting flowers!
The bird didn't feel nearly enough though, and so another thing I wanted to work into the swap was some crocheted flowers/roses as I always love the way these turn out but never have enough reasons to make them! Using a variety of patterns I made 7 in varying colours and sizes, and then didn't know what to do! In the end though I pushed some pipe cleaners through the centres of the flowers, secured with a hot glue gun, and voilĂ ! Instant yarny bunch of flowers - I am really impressed with myself on this if I do say so myself and can't wait to try out a pom pom variation.

Claire emailed me to tell me her plans for the flowers - decorating rooms,some clothes, and also a gift - and I think everything she is doing with them is perfect! So lovely of her to tell me too even though they belong to her now :)

Finally the bought items were some bird stationary (I hope accurately reflecting Claire's love of birds and #happymail with the stamp motifs) as well as a bird stamp sets (because stamps are awesome) and some self-adhesive fabric that can be used for any number of paper-crafting. This was a lot of fun to put together :)

I received my swap from Claire (was that on purpose Hannah?! :p ) over at Owl in the Teacup and she sent me some lovely goodies! I wonder if she made everything rectangular on purpose - makes for a splendid picture!

Claire sent me an excellent hot-drinks kit filled with Whittard tea and Cadbury's hot chocolate 'from one northerner to another' (oh the ways to our hearts!). She embellished a gorgeous wooden frame with some buttons and included a 'Make Do and Mend' postcard in the frame which fits so wonderfully that I still can't decide whether to replace this with a picture of my own or not! But my absolute favourite part of the swap must be the Make Do and Mend World War 2 replica leaflet - a combination of my love for history and knitting and crafting?! What could be better! Thank you so much Claire, I cannot wait to read this properly!

Next month's theme is WOODLAND and sign up has closed, however between the 1st and 15th November you can email Hannah at daintyandivory@yahoo.co.uk or tweet her to sign up for the next theme which is yet to be announced but promises to be an amazing one as ever :) I have my fingers crossed we are coming up on a Christmas swap soon....


  1. Excellent post. I adore my bird and I want to hang her somewhere to show off her prettiness. You should certainly make many more. Gorgeous for a baby mobile! X

    1. thank you Claire - i am really happy that you were pleased with your bird, I think I will make some as christmas presents/decorations! jenny xxxx

  2. I love what you have made, so delicate and pretty and the colours are beautiful! I really struggled with this months theme!!

    1. thank you Hannah :) aw I know that feeling, I'm struggling with Woodland more than I thought - BUT CHRISTMAS that has got to be a theme that everyone will nail! jenny xx