Sunday, 26 October 2014

idea-list #14

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Vulpix is one of my most favourite Pokemon ever - after its beautful evolved form Ninetails of course - and I have for a long time been looking for a decent crochet pattern to make one. As a matter of fact the whole reason I learned to crochet was to make Pokemon, and already under my belt are; Mew, Snorlax, Pichu and Charizard! These patterns are the best I have seen so far in all of my looking, but I wonder if maybe I couldn't make one up myself ...

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These are adorable! As if Pokemon weren't cute enough, these chibi style Pokemon just make you want to cuddle them and squee - well I do anyway :) Though the link does not lead to a pattern I am sure some internet searchig will yeild positive results (Sunday night after a busy weekend is not the time to look however...)

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These cross-stitch patterns, both available to buy from Etsy shops (see the links on the captions), and beautiful. I can't express the nostalgia that the 'Home Sweet Home', taken straight from Blue/Red/Yellow, invokes. I will definately be making this for our home when me and B move in together (he is in his final year of uni now, and everyday we talk about it getting closer and closer eeeep) and will hang it where everyone can see it! Also the batte scene between Dany and Jon Snow is a really perfect mash up of Pokemon and Game of Thrones - just so brilliant!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to awesome Pokemon crafts that I want to do (and just hope that I can find all this time one day!), you can find these and many more being added to my Pokemon crafts board on Pinterest :)


  1. It's these kind of things that makes me want to learn to crochet as well! There're just not that many or great pokemon knitting patterns out there unfortunately.

    1. oh you should! I self taught using youtube videos, but if you ever had any crochet questions I would be happy to email/tweet any hints I could (though I am by no means an expert!) i agree, there is a distinct lack of pokemon knitting patterns out there - perhaps a void we should try and fill? jenny xx