Wednesday, 1 October 2014

we made a thing! - back to school

The really lovely Rhiannon, who writes one of my absolute favourite blogs The Sparkly Panda, got in touch with me and the equally lovely Hannah, who also writes another of my absolutely favouritist blogs Dainty and Ivory, to ask if we would be interested in taking part in a sort of monthly craft along. It is quite informal, and I've said before that I always craft a little bit better when there is a deadline (but the informal aspect means it is by no means a stressful deadline!). Plus isn't making something more fun when you can talk to people about what you are making on the same wave length?

We discussed together what ideas we had for the craft along, but I would like to give full credit to Rhiannon for having this really lovely idea!

And so to the concept! Every month there will be a set theme and within that month you can make anything you like that matches the theme, the only rule is that you have to make it all yourself! We will all then post our crafts on (or by) the 1st of the next month to share what we got up to, and also be sure to link up to (at least) Rhiannon's blog.

How could we not craft throughout the month of September without a BACK TO SCHOOL theme! :)

Having been out of school for a little while now (a yeah and a half if we count university as school!) I wanted to make something as true to the theme as I could, but also something I could use myself mostly at home. Having recently bought a Totoro pencil case (as you can see in the top picture :p) I was for a time stumped on what to make that would be useful. But then I bought the Christnas issue of Let's Get Crafting and was spoilt by all the patterns in there, one of which was for a crocheted wall hanging/organiser.

The pictures in the magazine were so delightful, and the magazine came with a free yarn pack to make the hanging, so I set my sights on this! It was a very easy and satisfying pattern to follow, and I really love anything with granny squares.

I did have one or two problems with the pattern however. It claimed that there would be enough yarn in the pack to complete the project, but by the time I got half way up the back panel I ran out (after having to substitue colours already) and so had to resort to just white from my stash. The pattern also directs you to make the back panel way too wide to match the granny squares that I had already made and so I had to adjust the pattern myself. Finally there are a lot of componants to this pattern and I am not normally one for starting and stopping a lot when I craft.

Having said this I think this hanging is marvellous and absolutely can't wait to hang it in my new room once it has been decorated (I've been doing a lot of painting and sanding recently...), it will really add something to my room. I also think the idea of using 10mm knitting needles to weigh the hanging is inspired and will just show visitors how much I love both knitting and crochet!

If you would like to join in our craft along every month, why not leave a comment below, or tweet me, Hannah or Rhiannon. Hopefully by next month there will be a link up for everyone!

Next month's theme is AUTUMN and I can't wait to get stuck in! Posts to be up by 1st November.

Can't wait to see what everyone makes :)


  1. brilliant idea! X

    1. thanks! do join in if you fancy it, a nice little simple idea :) jenny xx

  2. Ooh this sounds fun, so anything autumn related by 1st Nov? Xx

    1. hit it on the nose - oh you absolutely should join in :D jenny xx

  3. It is amazing! I love it, would love something like this for my room!