Wednesday, 19 November 2014

#dicraftswap - woodland pt.1

the items i sent to gemma!

As you may have realised by now, every month I take part in a marvellous craft swap hosted by Hannah, who blogs at Dainty and Ivory, under the name #dicraftswap. Last month's theme was WOODLAND and I was given Gemma, who blogs at Lipstick and Lashes, to send my goodies to!

The rules of the swap are always send at least one handmade item relevant to the theme and include a bought gift of minimum value of £3. This month I included 3 handmade items and 2 bought ones!

I knew that, with a woodland theme, I finally had a great excuse to try out making a pom pom hedgehog which I have wanted to do for ages! I must admit he didn't come out nearly as beautifully as the pictures on pinterest, however having made him I thought it would be a shame not to send him anyway. You will also see in the top picture a card which I put together myself. Well, handmade may be stretching it as I used stickers and wrote some things, but I like the way it came out!

The 'piece de resistance' of this month's make however has to be this adorable little fox! She was a lovely crochet pattern I found through Ravelry from the blog Crafty is Cool (what a perfect name for a blog). The pattern is easy to read and is actually for a mother and baby fox who cuddle! I just made the mother fox due to time constraints, but it was so easy to replicate the emotive face, and the fact that the fox is lying down and looking so happy just makes this such a pleasing make, both to create and to give (and I hope to recieve!). I was so pleased I got to make a fox this month (luckily Gemma mentioned foxes in her description).

I would heartily recommend this pattern for anyone looking to crochet a fox!

I bought a woodland themed pencil case to send with the swap, but didn't feel this was enough. Then,  shopping in Leicester while visiting best friend M, I came across a new shop that is popular in Europe (or so I understand) called Tiger. I am GUTTED that they do not have an online shop, because seriously it was a beautiful shop! Filled with so many excellent things, both everyday and gifts, at wonderful prices (but of very high quality). I wanted to get so much Christmas shopping done, but I was getting the train home and I assumed I could shop online...not so much... However I was sensible and snatched up these excellent toadstool tea lights! Such a perfect wintery woodland gift!

So there you have what I sent this month. I will be receiving my swap from my lovely friend Charlotte (It Started Out with a Stitch - her crochet is brilliant!). Unfortunately she hasn't been too well and had a stint in hospital - get well soon lovely - so she asked if she could send it around my birthday instead with something extra - so thoughtful, I am genuinely so touched :) So I will blog about that early December hopefully!

Next month's theme is, what else, but CHRISTMAS!! Unfortunately sign up is closed now, but if you are ever interested in joining in the swap be sure to get in touch with Hannah, either on her blog or twitter!


  1. The hedgehog is so cute - it's on my list of stuff to make, hopefully soon! And Tiger - oh I love that shop! Found one in Cambridge the other week, and then hunted the Brighton branch out when I was there a few days ago. So much lovely stuff! I know what you mean about the online shop (or lack of), that caught me out too.

    1. the hedgehog took very little time, but don't be deceived he is a tricky one to make! Oh good to know I didn't dream that shop up its so lovely :) we take for granted I guess the ease of the internet and assume places like that will have online facilities too! teach me to ask next time I'm in a new and exciting place!! did you get lots of christmas shopping done, or just general goodies? :) jenny xx