Sunday, 2 November 2014

idea-list #15

So yesterday I finally bought myself a shiny new laptop, since my university--days laptop finally bit the dust in June/July after 5 years of loyal service (I say loyal in a tongue-in-cheek way there as I really learned to hate that over heating, slow, rickety, blue-screening, poor-battery-life laptop - but it was my first one so I feel a little loyal!). So the day after October pay-day I ran to PC World and now I have a lovely new laptop! But I need a laptop case to go with it - the perfect inspiration for this week's idea-list!

Though I have sewn a tablet sleeve just last January, I would much rather knit or crochet a laptop sleeve (I intend the cover to protect it in house rather than for travels - the bonus of owning a tablet as well I shouldn't need to carry my laptop round too much) being my favourite crafts. If you would like to see some more knitting and crochet inspiration, why not follow me on Pinterest and find out what inspires me on a day-to-day basis.

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This gorgeous looking cover, which can be found on Ravelry, is made using the Tunisian crochet technique, which is one that I have never tried before. However I think I may dabble simply so that I can make this sleeve as it looks so smart and sophisticated - I hope Tunisian crochet is easy! (Incidentally, do you know I am on Ravelry? We can be friends!)

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Although you need to register with Lion Brand to use this pattern, I have been happy with the quality of the patterns that Lion Brand provide (particularly the cardigan I knitted in July - you can find the pattern on Ravelry, along with notes from other users) and this crochet pattern looks really fashionable - it even includes some useful straps! Though the edging on my crochet never looks very finished, and I think that may be very obvious with this pattern.

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I think cable knitting is so so so beautiful - I think it is my favourite style of knitting, that is until I get 100x better at fair isle (stranded) knitting - and this laptop case is so gorgeous and intricate! I am so sad it is now an expired link - perhaps if I were to sit down and work it out I could put together my own pattern, but I think I need a laptop case soon so may put this one on hold until I decide to design a beautiful one in the future ;)

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Although I am leaning towards a knitted cover (as my knitting is a lot neater than my crochet) the finish and colours on these covers are so lovely I might be inclined to make this one! I would change the buttons myself though as I'm not keen on them - what do you think?

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This has to be the winner for me - knitted, bold colours (I may change them dependent on what I have in my stash to save some pennies) and a technique I haven't tried before (garter slip stitch), with the bonus of being from a trusted source from which I have used patterns before. I actually currently subscribe to Let's Knit magazine and I do like the patterns that they provide, and think I would be very happy with a laptop cover that looks like this, though perhaps some brighter colours.

If you had to choose, which laptop cover would you make/most like to have?


  1. Tunisian crochet is really surprised me actually by how quickly I understood what I was doing. It also makes an incredibly thick fabric, so I think for that reason alone I'd make that cover. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    1. thanks for the heads up Amy - I will learn that craft technique! You're right, a thick fabric would be ideal to best protect a laptop and cable knitting doesn't always yield thickness, similarly the slip-garter stitch I think. I will youtube some tunisian crochet tips I think! jenny xx