Saturday, 1 November 2014

we made a thing! - autumn

You may remember that now, on the first of every month, me and some lovely blogging friends (Rhiannon and Hannah) will be sharing what we have made in a sort of independent craft along. Although that sounds like an oxymoron it is not I promise! The idea is each month has a set theme, which we are allowed to interpret in any way we want to, hence the independent part! The only rule is that it is 100% handmade by ourselves, and we then write about our makes on the 1st of the next month. October's theme was AUTUMN, and so here I am on the 1st November sharing with you what I got up to :)

A lot of October has been taken up with preparing for a craft fair that is, by coincidence, today and also Autumn themed! And so it was only fitting to incorporate we made a thing! into my preparations to minimise any stressing out (which I am still a bit by the way; not as far along with Christmas presents as I planned, and I still have the whole of this month's #DICraftswap to sort out - argh!)

my favourite picture of my neck wraps!
Autumn for me is all about rich colours and wrapping up warm, and so in preparation for the craft fair I've been knitting some neck wraps. Quite on trend in knitting fashion (she types, pretending she know's all about this, but really just regurgitating the December issue of Let's Knit magazine) these were fast to knit up and very satisfying as they made a good dent in my yarn stash. 

The multicoloured wraps (which are easily my favourite) are a simple moss stitch pattern which makes a beautiful texture, and a nice warm wrap. I simply cast on 21 stitches on 10mm needles, using 3 balls of DK and/or Aran yarn, and repeated a 'Knit 1, Purl 1' pattern throughout until I reached the desired length, cast off, and sewed the ends together - a super quick and easy pattern that I have stuck on Ravelry too :) 

The single coloured wraps were super-chunky yarn, again using 10mm needles but this time I followed the Debbie Bliss pattern I used for my #craftblogclub winter challenge (so I'm afraid I can't replicate the pattern on here). As a matter of fact you might recognise the reddish wrap which I actually knitted last month! Unfortunately I washed it on too high a heat and accidentally felted it, so it has shrunk a little bit and hence now I am selling it in the hopes it will fit someone else - I'm only a little bit devastated though...thank goodness I hadn't bought the yarn myself!

Why not check out what the others have made this month?
I will update this section as people let us know that they've joined in - this craft along is open for any and all who wish to join in!!

Rhiannon -
Hannah - dyed fabric tote bag
Charlotte -

If you would like to join in our craft along every month, why not leave a comment below, or tweet me, Hannah or Rhiannon. Better yet, if you have already joined in leave a link on this post and I will be sure to link up to everyone's crafts below!

Next month's theme is STARS/STARRY NIGHT which should prove to be a potentially magical one. If you want to join in do let us know and get your blog post up on 1st December - perhaps you can tie it in with some Christmas crafts you are already working on? Now, what to make...


  1. This is such a fun idea, I won't be able to join in this month but hopefully I could do the December one in the Christmas hols :) love the neck scarves, I remember doing that 'combining all the colours' thing in my teens, I fancy trying it again! :)

    1. Oh and good luck at the craft fair!

    2. Thanks Elise ^^ oh yes do join in if you can, it is a fun and stress free idea I think, I can tell this will be one of my fave monthly posts to write! haha go for it, its splendid :) jenny xxx

  2. Neck wrap is such a good idea! my neck always gets cold! Love the colours you have used =)

    1. hehe thanks Hannah, I'm looking forward to seeing what you and Rhi and Charlotte have all made! thanks I thought the colours quite nice too :) jenny xxx

  3. Think I'll join in for December's one! :D X