Monday, 15 December 2014

have yourself a very geeky christmas

On Saturday I caught the train to Macclesfield to visit a geek themed craft fair – Have Yourself a Very Geeky Christmas (HYAVGC). HYAVGC followed me on Twitter a couple of months ago, and once I read their description and saw their location – just a train ride away for under £5 – I thought I would love to go! 

The fair was quite small and was held in the Senior Citizens hall in the town centre. Although small it was clear a lot of thought and effort had gone into the theme and planning of the fair, with excellent subtle decorations dotted round such as ‘Vote Saxon’ posters, renaming the little tuck shop ‘Madam Puddifoot’s’, and some obligatory Hogwart’s house posters too. They even had a geek ‘photo booth’ but as I went alone I didn’t fancy that!
excellent name for the tuck shop - don't think butter beer was on the menu though
Every stall had a geek theme to it. There was an independent comic artist (Marc Makes Comics!), a stall that made geeky sock monkeys (All Things Sock), another that made home accessories such as coasters and little shelves from comic book pages (Knot Like That), and a local owl sanctuary was even on hand to introduce you to some owls, though unfortunately I didn’t spot a snowy white. This is only a few of perhaps the dozen or so stalls on offer at the fair.

Knot Like That
Frustratingly enough I had already done pretty much all of my Christmas shopping (and had the bank account to prove it!) and couldn’t justify buying anymore gifts for people. I did however buy 2 cupcakes from The Secret Bakery's stall – one minion one for myself, one dalek one for my dad - as well as a jar with all the ingredients for gingerbread biscuits as a Christmas present. I also bought a Harry Potter themed notebook from Ignis Fatuus Books which I will admit was initially for me, but I have SOOO many notebooks that I will instead give this as a gift (though perhaps I will look them up on Etsy in a month or 2 and get another for myself) 

The Secret Bakery
Ignis Fatuus Books
All in all the craft fair was very interesting, and I was very sorry that I didn’t have more money to spend! It was good that it was around Christmas time as it was clear a lot of the foot traffic was there gift shopping, and truthfully a lot of the things on offer I was only considering as gifts (not being able to justify, nor necessarily desiring, any of the items for myself – but of course this is all down to personal taste and everything was beautiful!). But I am really happy that I went as I feel very inspired to make some crafty/geeky things of my own – though I will not be copying any ideas directly, instead why not check out all the links I’ve shared of people who were selling at the fair?  

I hope I find some time this week in between work and making Christmas presents to whip up a quick crocheted Christmas ornament to share with you with a certain Final Fantasy theme to it …


  1. looks like a lot of fun! the bows by Harribeads are SO CUTE! I can't wait to see your FF christmas ornament!!!!!! :)


    1. I am working on it today and hope it will be good enough to share :D I'll be sure to link you in that post, it was something that you shared a week or two ago that inspired me to give it a try ;) wonder if you can guess what it will be! jenny xx

  2. What a cool event! I wish we had something like that here in Berlin. You can usually find geeky handmade stuff here and there on fleamarkets and similar events, but not all in the the same place. I especially like the fandom inspired notebooks, just used the potions book cover in a diy of my own.
    Love your blog btw.
    Cheers, Anni

    1. Hi Anni thank you so much for commenting :) it was really refreshing to find it all in one place for once here too! It doesn't happen often (at least not close to my home) but it was really excellent to walk round :) oh the potions book cover is an inspired idea, nice one :) jenny xxx